Friday, 27 November 2009

Not my best idea!

I guess you have all been stuck in that endless queue of traffic, where it takes you 10 minutes to move 10 meters?

The very same queue of traffic that you sit in for almost an hour, whilst watching a steady stream of cars take the right filter lane and turn off into moving traffic.

That very same queue that always occurs when you only know that road to get you to your destination.

Today I was stuck in one of those queues, on one of those roads, watching that steady stream of traffic turn off in the right filter lane..............

Assuming that said cars were taking a short cut - obviously they were all heading towards my destination as we'd been on the same road - right? - I decided to take the right filter lane and followed the car in front.

We turned left, then right, then right, then left, straight over the roundabout, into a housing estate (you get the picture?).

My feelings of smugness at having found a way to beat the queue of traffic soon subsided when the car I had been following pulled onto a driveway and the driver got out and went into the house.

Shit - I was lost!!

My short cut resulted in me spending the next 30 minutes trying to navigate my way out of the housing estate, only to rejoin the queue of traffic further up the road from the point where I had taken the right filter lane 30 minutes earlier.

If that wasn't bad enough, my Dad couldn't hold his laughter when he asked me why I'd not used the Sat Nav. I wasn't even bright enough to lie and say that I didn't have it in the car with me!!

The moral of the take - never assume!!

Friday, 20 November 2009


"We pish you a merry kissmas, we piss you a merry kissmas, we piss you a merry kissmas and a papy new ear"

Sung very loundly by Dora at 22.30hrs last night.

I didn't know whether to:-

1) Ignore her and hope she would eventually drop off to sleep

2) Enter her bedroom and tell her to stop singing and to go to sleep

3) Enter her bedroom and teach her to sing it properly

I opted for 3 - only to be told:-

"No Mummy, you are wrong. This is how we sing it at my nursery"

I think I need to go to next weeks sing & sign session - I'd love to see the Makaton signs for that one!!

I then opted for 2!!!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Wound up, button pushed, now spinning!

My 3 year old is driving me insane!

Let me rewind.............. Lola is a child of habit. She thrives on routine, structure and boundaries. She really does not cope well with change, don't get me wrong she is adaptable in many areas - but when it comes to home life, keeping the status quo with Lola is a must!

7 weeks without Mr M and boys, of running all over the place juggling work and nursery, 7 weeks of very early starts and extremely late finishes has taken its toll on all of us.

I love my girls, but right now I really do not like Lola very much. More specifically I really do not like the constant whinging, the persistent demanding, the stubborn defiance she displays at every request I make.

I'm at breaking point tonight, I just want my husband home, my boys back and my little girl to behave!

Who's reading?