Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Wound up, button pushed, now spinning!

My 3 year old is driving me insane!

Let me rewind.............. Lola is a child of habit. She thrives on routine, structure and boundaries. She really does not cope well with change, don't get me wrong she is adaptable in many areas - but when it comes to home life, keeping the status quo with Lola is a must!

7 weeks without Mr M and boys, of running all over the place juggling work and nursery, 7 weeks of very early starts and extremely late finishes has taken its toll on all of us.

I love my girls, but right now I really do not like Lola very much. More specifically I really do not like the constant whinging, the persistent demanding, the stubborn defiance she displays at every request I make.

I'm at breaking point tonight, I just want my husband home, my boys back and my little girl to behave!


Kami said...

Ah ha!!! Thank you so much honey! I loved the packages. It threw me off because it was coming from somewhere else. Thank you so much. I have the pink shirt on right now!


Amy said...

So sorry you're having a rough time. I can't even imagine how hard this must be for all of you. Or how much that you and the girls miss not only your hubby but the boys.

God be with you all!

Smirking Cat said...

Kids can be great...or they can be great pains in the rear! Hang in there. I hope it gets better soon.

Minnie said...

Hang in there Lady.

I can't even imagine what you're feeling.

Sending thoughts and prayers your way

Eileen said...

During Brad's last deployment, Madison had a timeout about every other day. Not a single one since he has returned. Unfortunately, when kids are that age, they have no way of understanding why Daddy is gone and their behavior suffers greatly. Your lovely little Lola will return to her sweet self....and hopefully, you have a pantry full of wine and chocolate to get you through the coming weeks. Much love to you!

dearjenn said...

I completely sympathize. The kids no doubt feel the pain of missing Mr. M just the same as you and unfortunately don't have the same outlets for expressing that. If I lived there you could drop them off with me for a weekend and go home to silence. I'm with Eileen- wine and chocolate!

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