Sunday, 30 August 2009

Saving private dora?

A trip to omaha and utah beach, a bloody nose and double skint knee for dora.

I wish she would accept that wearing her sandals on the wrong feet actually makes her more prone to a tumble.

Love Mrs m x

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Busmans holiday?

Forgive me for this self indulgent whinge.

Trix, hon you will know exactly where I am coming from!

I love the kids and Mr m. I love being in France. But please, for just one day- can it not be me who has to do just about everything for everybody?

Holidays are great, but flaming hard work with 4 kids and a husband who acts like an ostritch when things get tough.

Whinge over!

On a more positive note.... A few ice pops prevented dora having to visit the medical centre, but our trip to oustreime today did incur yet another grazed knee for the little one. I really think that girl needs to forget how to run and walk once in a while!
Lola went on a beech pony trek and loved every minute of it. The boys went carting and I think they'd give Lewis Hamilton a run for his money- insert sarcasm here!

Boys have gone swimming, mr m has taken the girls to the park and I'm burning dinner- he will take us out tomorrow night!

Will post again soon, love Mrs m x


So I had visions of blogging about all of the amazing places we have visited so far, and I guess I will- in reference to the injuries sustained by dora!

Monday we had a super crossing Dover to dunkerque - with only a slight graze sustained to dora's left knee. We drove down the coast of the north west of France -pas de calais- and our sat nav, Dave, did is proud!
We stopped on the Somme for lunch and dora sustained a cut to her left elbow. Back in the car and my relationship with Dave soon began to get a little rough around the edges- a detour through the 5th tiny village was the breaking point as it took us 30k out of our way!
We eventually arrived in Normandy and spotted pegasus bridge on our way in. We dumped our luggage and took a walk to sword beech - one of the most famous d day landing beeches from ww2.
Tuesday saw us take a trip to the hyper market, lola was fair taken with the crabs and lobsters in the tank- mr m refused to tell her they were there for people to buy to eat!
We spent the rest of the day by the swimming pool, lola is so confident in the water and Charlie and woody are both like fish. Dora really enjoyed playing with her watering can, until she tripped over it and grazed the top of her left foot!
Wednesday we drove to Arromanches and had an amazing day on the beech. Only Charlie didn't go in the sea- must be a teenage boy thing! We saw the floating pontoons that are still there from the d day landings and the girls had a ride on a beautiful carousel. Following which dora fell and skint her right knee, bless her it wouldn't stop bleeding! We ended the day with a dunk in the swimming pool and a beer at the bar!
This morning started off well, the kids were on the bouncy castles and trampolines whilst Mr m bought us fresh pain au chocolates for breakfast. Charlie and woody took the girls to recycle our plastic and on the way back dora fell and put her teeth through her bottom lip! We are just contemplating taking her to the medical centre as it looks like she might need a stitch or two!

Will post some more soon, hopefully with no more injuries!

Love Mrs m x

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Fw: Testing

Just testing to see if I've set this up correctly!


Just testing to see if I've set this up correctly!

it's official, I'm a terrible blogger!


I'm sorry I've been such a terrible blogger for the last few months. Life has been pretty hectic - good hectic!

We are currently getting ready to hit the road for our holiday to France..... Why don't you come along for the ride?

I'll set up my B.berry and post along the way. I'll post pictures to my other blog - for obvious reasons.

Lola is so excited she almost pee'd her pants this morning, I guess she speaks for all of us!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Who's idea was this?

My good friend D convinced me to go camping with her this weekend. I arrived home from work on Friday, dusted down the camping gear (that has not been used since I was pregnant with Lola) and loaded the car.

Saturday morning arrives and with it comes buckets full of rain - I mean Buckets full!!

Do we cancel? No, D convinced me it would be clear by the afternoon and the girls would love the freedom of running around the campsite. By 2.30pm the rain is still coming, so I grab the girls (and our welly boots) and off we go.

Thankfully, the rain stopped before we reached the campsite and we were able to pitch our tents and pop the kettle on. Lola and Dora swapped their welly boots for flip flops and enjoyed half an hour of chasing D's daughter - S - around the tents. Pure bliss........

....... and then the rain came. The welly boots were back on, the girls were wrapped up in waterproofs and we planned to go for a walk.........

Until Lola found the muddy puddles!

They soon shed the raincoats and hats - thankfully the welly boots remained!

We had an absolute blast, even when Dora fell in a huge puddle and was covered from head to toe, even when Lola stripped to her knickers and welly boots - looking like she had just left Glastonbury!

Oh, and our tent didn't leak one bit!!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Time for nothing....

Life has been so darn busy of late, I feel like I'v enot had the time to scratch my backside - let alone blog about it!

I have started back working full time, which means I work 5 days, clean the house 1 day and catch up on everything else the other day. 'Me' time is just a figure of speech and 'relaxing' is a distant memory.

However, as strange as it sounds - all is good in the house of Mrs M.

I'm counting down the weeks until Mr M deploys to Afghanistan, we are trying to spend as much time as possible together before he departs in September. Is it wrong for me to be wishing that he were going sooner - or is that just my warped logic, the sooner he goes the sooner he returns, right?

The girls are growing rapidly and the boys are hitting the 'kevin' teenage years - oh the joys!

Cruella has been very quiet of late and to be honest I have been far too busy to give her a second thought - I did notice that her arse has gained a few inches though!!

So whats next? I feel that Mrs M is going to be somewhat sparse in her blogging over the coming weeks, but fear not my friends, something tells me that my need for free therapy will return full force once Mr M is away and Cruella starts with her spiteful games!

Mrs M x

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