Thursday, 29 January 2009

Freaking Fantastic

I can safely say that the last few years at work have been hell. I've been used as a trouble shooter, being sent into areas that had major problems to 'sort' them out. I don't think I've done a bad job on the whole, but I know there are some areas that I could have improved upon (no I'm not perfect!!).
If I said that I didn't get fed up with having a reputation for being a 'sorter' I'd be lying. Just for once I'd quite like to have an easy job, I'd like to get to hide under the radar instead of constantly being in the spotlight.
In my experience I have been given the recoignition for some great work that I've done, but all too often I've been criticised for the little things that I've not done quite so well, or the very rare occassions that I've not been on par.

So this last year I have slogged my guts out, I have been managing an area that has been in complete crisis - to say it was a shit tip is an understatement! I had several months sick leave in the summer and since September have been working reduced hours - so things haven't progressed as smoothly or as quickly as I had hoped and yes, I have been criticised by management for not performing as they had expected. What do they want - blood?

Now, the area I manage is very high profile and had so many issues it seemed like an impossible task had been given to me. Given the issues that have arisen, every man and his dog has had a piece of my area.
Yesterday I had a visit from a member of the management board. She put me through my paces and wanted to know the ins and outs of everything I have done since taking up the post last year. She not only wanted to know, she wanted to see - everything. If I say I was nervous, I'd be lying - I was petrified!
However, at the end of her visit, she turned to my boss and I will quote what she said:-

'Where does someone like Mrs M get her knowledge and skill from?, This remarkable young lady has demonstrated today (and over the last year) that she practices at a level so high I'm sure no University has it on their curicculum!'
She then added:- 'Myself and the board have had our concerns regarding this area and we have been preparing ourselves for the fall out that was expected by all, however after today I can go back to them and tell them that there are no worries, there will be no fall out. For that, young lady, I commend you'.

So there you have it, Officially- I'm Freaking Fantastic!

Toxic friend

I try to be a good friend, really I do. I consider myself to have a very small circle of true friends and for these ladies I would walk on hot coals time and time again.

I tend to think there are two types of friends (and I use the word loosly) there are the friends that I could not (but thankfully do) see from one year to the next, but if I were to pick up the phone they'd be there in a shot - you know the true friends.
Then there are the other friends, you know the type - they phone you when they have a crisis, expect you to drop everything without so much as a kind word or how are you? Unfortunately I have several of these types of friends and I just can't find it in me to end the friendship (agin I use the term loosly).

I can see that you are wondering where this post is going?

Yesterday I recieved a telephone call from one of THOSE friends. Now I have not heard from or seen her since Easter last year and to be honest, I was kind of hoping that we'd run our course and I'd never have to have contact with her again. Lord, I sound such a terrible person, but let me explain.....

I met Mavis on 4th September 1996 - we hit if off instantly and for the next 3 years were inseperable. We shared each others major life events, marriage, divorce etc. Then I met Mr M and she met husband #2 and everything changed. She changed from the Mavis that I knew and I soon found her to be selfish and controlling.
When she left husband #1, after he found out she had been cheating with husband #2, I was there for her. I didn't judge her, I was just there for her. I gave her and husband #2 somewhere to live. Within a short time she married husband #2 (we didn't get an invite to the wedding) and very shortly after she had her only child, whom I opened a trust fund for with a substantial gift (we didn't get an invite to the christening), yet it was me who drove over to do her washing and ironing, it was me who batch cooked food for her freezer, it was me who did all the running around - because I wanted to, because I was her friend.
When Mavis had no money, I bailed her out, when Husband #2 left her (after he found out she had cheated on him) I was there for her, I didn't judge her, I was just there for her. Again I bailed her out more times than I care to remember. I thought after she had sorted herself out, she'd be the Mavis that I had grown so fond of.....

When I gave birth to Lola we didn't even get a phone call, never mind a card or offer of help. She would turn up at really inconvenient times - usually tea time - and I'd cringe when she would say to her child 'it's ok, Mrs M will make tea for us'. Like I didn't have enough to do?
After I had Dora she continued in her now selfish manner, she would visit my home (often for hours on end), watch me struggle with a breastfeeding newborn, toddler and two boys and never once offered to make lunch, a cup of tea, drinks for the kids. She never once asked how things were with Cruella, how I was coping with the kids -she just talked about herself and latest boyfriend, or the drama she was having with husband #2.
When I was really ill during the summer she never volunteered to help, instead she expressed her discontent that I hadn't driven over with her childs birthday present - WTF? I could hardly walk!
So you get the picture, I found Mavis to be toxic, yet I still couldn't find it in me to end our friendship - I'm just not like that!
So when the phone rang last night and I was gteeted with 'Hi Mrs M, it me'! my heart fell. She now wants to meet up as she has yet another crisis and it's far too complicated for her to go into over the telephone........
I really wanted to tell her how I felt, I wanted to say 'find some other sucker to drain' but instaed I have arranged to meet her. I just can't not be nice to her - it's just not in me!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Who is Trixie Lee?

So who is the lady that I've shared my blog with? Why did I feel the need to Blog about her?

Let me tell you a few things that make Trixie a true gem:-
A- Articulate
B- Brill
C- Calming
D- Devoted
F- Funny - so bloody funny
G- Godmother to Dora (thankyou x )
H - High maintenence (She's glamorous, what do you expect? lol)
I- Inspirational
J- Joker
K-Killer heals - even if they are odd!
L- Loyal
N - Naughty (yes you are!)
O - Organised and obsessive
P - Prankster
Q - Questioning
R - Right - all the freaking time!
S - Supportive
T - Truthful
U - Unbelievable
V - Vulnerable
W - Wonderwoman
X - xtraordinary (ok, I cheated - but she is!)
Y - Yummy mummy
Z - Zealous

She's all of the above and so much more. You are a great friend, role model and so much better at hair and make-up than I will ever be - thank goodness the girls have you!

To you from me Trixie Lee!

I've taken the plunge and shared my Blog address with my dear friend Trixie. I've kept my blogging to myself since I started - my dirty little secret, but today I decided the time had come for me to let those nearest have a peak.

So Trixie - I'm sure you'll find out one or two things about me that you didn't know (no jokes about the Bagpipes ok?), please don't be too critical - you know how sensitive I am! Oh and remember the stage names, protect the innocent at all costs!

Love ya Trix

Mrs M

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Ask your mum

Crys reminded be of something i'd like to share:-

When I was pregnant with Lola the boys would love to sit and look at my pregnancy books (my bible) and see how big 'bump' was, or what 'bump' was doing at that stage. They were really excited and we tried so hard to make sure they felt involved - they were 9 and 7 at the time.

One morning on the way to school Charlie pipes up 'How did 'Bump' get into your tummy?'
I (almost crashed the car) didn't answer quite quick enough - trying to get my birds and bee's story to sound convincing - Woody saved me the bother with his answer 'Dad and Mrs M had sexing, that's what put 'bump'into your tummy isn't it Mrs M?'

I (almost crashed the car again) and copped out with 'Yes, Woody, Dad and I love each other and we created 'Bump'.'
All was quiet and thinking I'd dodged that one, I prepared myself to answer any further questions with 'Ask your Mum'. Terrible I know!
being the thinker that he is, Charlie then chirps up 'So if you and Dad put 'Bump' into your tummy, how does 'Bump' get out?'
Feeling very smug with my pre-decided answer, I almost get the 'ask' out of my mouth before Woody (the font of information) volunteers 'Bump will have to come out of your doofler wont it Mrs M?'

This time (very much in fear of crashing the car) I pulled over, 'Ask your mum' wasn't going to wash this time. The conversation was as follows:-

Woody - It does doesn't it Mrs M, Bump comes out of your Doofler?
Charlie - Don't be stupid Woody, how can a baby fit through a ladies Doofler?
Woody - It does, doesn't it Mrs M? Tell him!
Mrs M - Yes Woody, the baby does pass through a ladies Vagina when it is being born. (why didn't I think to tell them the belly button cover story?)
Charlie - But how - are ladies Dooflers really THAT big?
Mrs M - Ladies have Vaginas Charlie and no they are not THAT big.
Charlie - so just how does the baby fit through then?
Mrs M - (Ask your mum???) You've seen the film the 'Incredibles'
Boys - Yes
Mrs M - and you know that each of them has the ability to do something incredible
Boys - Yes
Mrs M - well, ladies vaginas are incredible.
Boys - Oh, THATS how the babies come out?
Mrs M - Yes.

Wiping the sweat from my brow, I'm just about to pull out to continue our journey to school when Charlie pipes up:-

Charlie - So grown ups have sexing to make a baby and then babies come out of the vagina?
Mrs - Yes mate something like that.
Charlie - Do men have vaginas?
Mrs M - No mate, only ladies
Charlie - Phew, I thought I was going to have to have sexing with a man when I'm older!

Good job I was still stationary I think I'd have crashed the car!

Like hell I will

BM bash 2009 continues:

Friday night at 21.30hrs we get a telephone call from Charlie, telling us that he has a football match on Sunday. Not really sure why he called as there is never an issue with us taking him to football. During the conversation I remind him that he will have to make sure he brings everything he needs on Saturday, as there wont be time Sunday to run round picking things up from Cruella's.

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon. Mr M picks the boys up, I get home from work and I unpack their bags. When I get to the football bag I am greeted with a shirt, shorts, socks and shin pads. Just as I start to rip into Charlie about forgetting his stuff, he begins to explain.

It turns out that the football boots that Cruella bought him (after returning the ones I had bought him) don't fit. He also has no warm gear or waterproofs. I ask him what he has been wearing and he replies 'I've been borrowing stuff from the other boys, but I've been told that I've got to have my own from now on'. We had no idea that the kit he has used before was borrowed, we (wrongly) thought Cruella had provided it.

The penny drops - I am expected to go out and buy him new boots (again), new training top and trousers (warm kit) and new waterproof kit.

Like hell I will. If Cruella thinks she can manipulate and dictate she is in for a shock!

So today he has gone to football with the boots he uses for school, make-do warm kit and waterproofs (that will remain here) and I have told him that after the way his mother behaved last time, any new kit required for football or other sports will have to be provided by her - from the child benefit payment that she recieves monthly and we don't!

Up yours Cruella - like you said, you don't need me to buy things for your son! - what goes around comes around!

Saturday, 24 January 2009


Remember this?

I had a lovely day on Thursday just moseying around the shops with Dora (Lola was in nursery). We were just browsing and had no intention of buying anything - honest!
Well until I stumbled upon the sale rail in 'Bench'. Still determined not to buy anything, I innocently searched (like the seasoned bargain hunter I am) the rail end to end. Before I knew it I had a hand full of coat hangers and was making my way to the check out. OK - I caved!

But,in my defence.... I only bought items that I genuinely needed and they were bargains. In total I bought the following:-

  • 2 designer dresses
  • 1 pair of designer jeans
  • 1 designer knitted jumper
  • 1 designer cardigan

........all for the grand price of £20.00. Yes, that's not a typo, I paid £20.00!

So although I have only loosely convinced myself that I have not broken my resolution, to be honest I really don't give a monkeys - some bargains are too good to miss.

Friday, 23 January 2009

There are no words

Today my life was put into perspective. A wonderful couple that I know had the most shocking news on Wednesday and I'm not afraid to say that it has well and truly shaken me to the core.

Mr & Mrs W are just a lovely couple, Mrs W has worked for me for quite a few years and Mr W has also done some contracting in the areas that I manage. They have 3 grown up children and were waiting (in)patiently for grandchildren.

Last summer they were given the news that their son and daughter-in-law were expecting their 1st child and literally weeks later their daughter announced her pregnancy too. Now if I say they were overjoyed it would be an understatement - they were ecstatic!

As both pregnancies have progressed they have had more than their fair share of shocking news and scares, they discovered at 20 weeks that their eldest Grandchild (a Girl) has Downs Syndrome. You know what, they never faltered - no questions, no doubts, no anger, she was to be there Grand daughter and would be loved - unconditionally.

Their Grand daughter was due on Wednesday - on Wednesday morning, whilst at work, Mrs W had a telephone call from their son to say that her grand daughter had died. I don't think I have ever seen anyone physically crumple the way that she did during that conversation.

Their daughter in law was induced on Wednesday evening and Ella was born Thursday evening, 6lb 11oz. The doctors have explained that her heart was not able to cope when she had moved down the pelvis. Mr & Mrs W are going to see her tomorrow.

Now as heartbreaking as it has been for them to have 'lost' Ella even before she was there, I can't begin to imagine how their daughter is feeling - her baby is due in a few weeks, imagine the fears she must now have, mixed with the guilt she will feel when her baby arrives safe and sound?
Mr & Mrs W have to somehow pick themselves up and look forward to the arrival of their 2nd grand child - I'm just not sure how they are going to do this.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Biker Chick?

Biker Chunk!

Jenn mentions that I use to have a motorbike - yes I did and yes I still do! Let me explain.......

Prior to having Lola I was the proud owner of a shiny red Ducatti 600cc. I loved that bike and can honestly say I was a safe and considerate biker chick. As soon as I fell pregnant with Lola I sold the bike.

Last summer we had loads of hastle with a second hand car we had bought and found ourselves with one car. Mr M still had his Lovely Triumph 900 motorbike, but in all honesty it was far too big for me to ever consider riding.

One of those great plans grew in my mind (you know the type that only really work in my mind and don't stand a hope in hell in reality?). Mr M could sell his beloved Triumph (yes, I am a terrible wife as well as a terrible mother) and we could buy a smaller bike that I could ride if ever I needed to. We have no public transport link from our village so getting to work without a car/bike takes about 4 hours (each way) and has to be planned like a military operation.

Given that I was really very ill in the summer, I was in no fit state to look at motorbikes - never mind ride one. But my delightful Mr M decided to go along with my plan & we were now the proud owners of a Honda CBR 600s - when I say it's fast, I'm talking shit from a shovel fast!

So I'd looked at the bike (it's lovely) but I'd never been on it until several months later when I eventually felt well enough (and had lost so much weight my leathers actually fit). So kitted up, I hauled the bike out of the garage, jumped (squeeked and creaked - have you tried cocking your leg in full leathers that were bought before you'd had 2 kids?) on and pulled away. I managed 10 feet (9 and a bit actually) before I came to a hault and like a spoilt brat demanded Mr M get me off!
The bike was way too powerful and I was petrified! I'm not ashamed to tell you I cried - but I honestly think this was more due to the thought of the 4 hour journey to work the next morning!

2 days later I arrive home from work and find a lovely shiny Red Ducatti 600 parked in the drive - Mr M hated the thought that I was upset at being petrified of the Honda (I still haven't told him this was not the only reason I cried) that he had bought me a bike he knew I had loved and been confident with - I love that man so much!

The very next day, leathers top to toe, I have a lovely journey to work on my new shiny red bike. All was rosy in my world until it was time to go home at 4.30pm- the darn thing wouldn't start! So I'm stuck, miles from home, with a bike that wont start. I call Mr M (what else could I do) and he has to drive through to where I work - with all 4 kids, arrives at 7pm and bump starts the bike (notice it's not the lovely shiny red bike now?).

I ride home and begin to forgive the bike. I pull onto the drive just after 8pm, park up and begin to take my helmet off. At this point Mr M is just rounding the corner.
Next thing I know I am upside down, in the privit hedge, with the darn (not lovely and red) bike on top of me! The side stand had sprung up (no idea why).

That was then and I'm ashamed to say that I've not been on the thing since. Minor blip I'm sure and I keep telling myself that when the weather gets better it will be my lovely shiny red bike once again.

Little Miss Independent

Did I ever tell you that Lola is 3, going on 33?

For what you are about to read I apologise now - I am a terrible mother!
Monday evening my best friend Trixie called and literally minutes into the conversation Dora had a poo. Being the expert - at multi tasking - that I am, I decided I could shoulder the phone & have Dora cleaned up in no time - Yes, right!
Mid change Lola asked for some toast - food was the furthest thing from my mind, but she's 3 so.... Whilst shouldering the phone, mid conversation with Trixi, mid wipe with Dora - I explained I would make her some toast, just as soon as I was finished.

The changing took longer than expected (sometimes it just does!) and engrossed in conversation with Trixie I just presumed that Lola has gone into the play room to amuse herself. Lesson learnt - never presume with a 3 year old.
So, change completed, conversation with Trixie over, I walked into the kitchen and almost had kittens - The scene:-

Chair dragged up to the work counter.
Lola stood on said chair.
Chopping board, child's knife and butter in front of her.
One slice of brown bread happily toasting away in the toaster.

I scream and Lola responds with 'its' ok Mum, I've got it all under control'!
Lesson learnt - Children watch and take in everything you do - even when you think they don't.

The toast pops up, Lola butters it and happily stands there eating her creation - very pleased with herself.

Since this very eye opening event things have changed a little round here - the toaster now lives in a very high cupboard. the microwave, kettle and coffee machine are left unplugged when not in use. Child safety caps have been placed on all sockets (even the ones I thought were out of reach). Lola and I have had a very long chat about her culinary talents and I think she understands that at 3 years old she mustn't try anything like this again.

I know that this should not have happened in the first place - no excuses - but in reality I can't watch her every second. I do have to change Dora but lesson learnt - multi tasking isn't always so clever!

Shoot me now!

Fancied a change!

I spent the best part of yesterday evening playing about with my layout - sorry if you were trying to read, it took a while (much like trying on loads of dresses then going back to the first one 3 hours later!)

So ladies, I hope you like it - it's a bit blue so I'm still undecided!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Fraundulent activity?

My dear friend Jenn is fundraising for the heart foundation and being a sucker for a good cause I decided to pledge a small donation. Thinking nothing of it I accessed the secure site via the link provided by Jenn and proceded to enter my Mastercard details. When the site refused to process these details I entered my Visa debit details, which were again refused. I tried for the next 10 minutes or so inputting my details, yet each time they were declined. Reaching the conclusion that the site wouldn't take my deatils due to my being in the UK I decided I'd have to think of another way to donate.

Last Saturday I tried to make a card payment in a clothing shop and both my mastercard and Visa debit were declined (I'm skint, but not that skint!). As it was literally seconds before closing time I came to the conclusion that the machine was having problems and the delightful Mr M stepped in to pay with cash.

Monday Morning the post lady arrived and low and behold she was bearing two letters from my bank. Both detailing that suspect activity had been detected on my accounts and therefore they had both been suspended until all activity was verified and Fraud was ruled out. WTF???

So, me talking to a call centre in India (yes, they direct most of our business calls this way as the costs are so much cheaper - it doesn't matter that often you are not understood or that you can't understand the person on the other end of the phone!!) trying to explain that I had in fact made 13 separate donations to a charity in the united states - I felt obliged to tell the lady all about my friend Jenn, baby Sam and the importance of this fundraising.

The moral of the tale - if at first you don't succeed give it up as a bad job and send a cheque!

I'm just hoping that the donations have been processed and very thankful it was just $1 each time - it could have been so much worse!

Saturday, 17 January 2009

A tale of two beds

It's a long story, so I'll try to keep to the point.

In the summer we decided that Charlie and Woody would share the largest bedroom and Lola and Dora would have a room each (Dora was having problems settling when we tried to put her in Lola's room). This involved a massive reorganisation of the upstairs ( I called in the A team - Mum and two sisters!). We eventually got it sorted and the end result was that the boys had new wooden bunk beds, Charlie's metal high sleeper was put in the Garage, Woody's single bed was given away to a friend, Lola kept her white 4 poster and Dora was still in her cot.

I've never been entirely happy with the boys' bedroom, it's always seemed really cramped and childish so last week I decided to do something about it. The old cogs started turning and I had a (not so) bright idea.
Dora would have Lola's bed as she is getting restless in her cot (Lola was in a bed at 13 months)
Lola would have one of the bunk beds (they split into singles)
Charlie's high sleeper would go back in their room and the other bunk would go under the high sleeper at a 90 degree angle. The other side of the high sleeper has shelves and a desk.

Plan worked out great in my head - not so great in reality!

Lola loves her new bed - Dora hates hers!
Charlies high sleeper was pulled in from the garage, lugged upstairs only to find out that we'd thrown all of the screws and bolts away (Mr M was not happy!) So we had to go and buy a new high sleeper (we tried to get replacement bolts etc but couldn't get any anywhere!)
High sleeper in place and low and behold the second bunk bed (single) wouldn't fit under (AARRRGGGHHHH). No amount of pushing, pulling, squeezing and swearing could get the darn bed to fit (Mr M was not happy!). So.....we had to go and buy a single bed (metal to match the high sleeper) for Woody. However, despite all the problems, their room looks fantastic and surprisingly there is so much more room!

Moral of the tale - Mrs M needs to think things through before taking the plunge and throwing the whole house into chaos, Mr M needs to chill out and not say 'I told you so'!!

Resolutions update

Remember this?

Just thought I'd update you on my progress so far:

I started 2009 determined not to buy anything that I didn't need and not to replace anything that wasn't broken. I've now come to the conclusion that in making these resolutions I have Jinxed myself.
So far I have had to replace the boys' beds (a full post in itself), the washing machine, Iron, TV and just this morning the dishwasher went capoot! rather than being quids in, I'm now completely brassic and waiting (not so) patiently for pay day, hoping and praying that nothing else breaks between now and then.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

The season has started - Minnie says so!

Minnie has officially declared open season on BM - so let the BM Bash 2009 begin. Not one to be rude, I feel I must partake in this sport so I'll load it and then I'll fire it!

So where do we begin? After the farce of Christmas (on Cruella's part) and the irresponsibility of New year (letting a 10yr old stay up and text Mr M at 02.40hrs) we had the feeling that 2009 was going to be one of those years!

Sunday 4th January 2009 - Cruella thrusts a tatty envelope at Mr M before storming into her car and pulling off at break neck speed. The contents of the envelope...... £25 and a signed authorisation for Charlie to go on a school residential trip for 3 days in June. What she had failed to tell Mr M was that she expected us to pay the other £25 (the deposit) and that it needed to be paid no later than the morning on the 5th - 12 hours away! If thats not enough she then expects.......wait for it...... us to pay half of the remaining £232 that is due in March. WTF? A three day school trip that costs £282 - oh did I forget to add that this is a camping trip no more than 60 miles from our home? So with no time for discussion and Charlie in tears - Cruella has had this letter since the begining of December and told him he could go - we pay the remaining £25 (obviously I changed the envelope).
What really freaks me off isn't so much the cost (ok, it is! When you consider all six of us are travelling to France for 9 days in August for £580 total!) it's the fact that she didn't even have the decency to pick up the phone and talk to Mr M. She is such a piece of work - she's fat, lazy and darn right rude - Thank goodness the boys take after me!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Your choice

Prompted by Two moms with a Plan :

If you could only save two items (non-living/breathing/human/animal....) from your home, what would they be? Please leave a comment & I'll put it all together in a later post.

I'd take my lap top as it has all of our photos saved on & would be easier than trying to grab photo albums and memory cards. I'd also save Lola & Dora's memory box as it has all of their special stuff in right from their pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and 1st year journals, birth related stuff, 1st shoes, photos etc.

I've just asked Mr M the same question and it's so funny listening to him change his mind - I must note that there is no mention of photo's, or memory boxes- must be a man thing!

Cheers Honey!

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I hope you enjoy reading their blogs just as much as I do. Please feel free to check out the other blogs I follow - I'm sure the ladies won't mind you stopping in.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

So freaking angry.

I've been fuming over this since Sunday and only now feel calm enough to blog about it.

The boys had been telling us for months that Cruella was buying a shared Christmas gift for them and Randall's two children - she had told them that they were having Guitar Hero* for the PS3* - The one with the guitar, Drum kit and microphone. That was their main gift as the family had just bought a new 50" Plasma TV for the lounge (they were lucky enough to get a free LCD 19" TV in the bargain).

So Christmas eve comes and the boys were with Cruella, they opened their present and low and behold it's Guitar Hero. They have a few other stocking fillers and are generally happy boys. They were with us Christmas day and Charlie spend most of the morning checking his mobile - he had text Cruella to enquire what gifts Randall's Children had recieved but never got a reply.

So the boys returned on Sunday and I was horrified when they blurted out that although they had been given the Guitar Hero* - it was expected that they share it with the other two. Fine, it's good to share. But tell me how Randall's daughter is going to share HER PSP (£160) and his son share HIS mobile phone (about the same price)?

Is it just me, or are they way out of order on this? I am gutted that the boys have been given something thatis obviously meant for all 4 kids, and yet the other two have very individual gifts.

Oh, hang on - I forgot that they boys were also given the Free LCD TV as a gift between them!

Friday, 2 January 2009


So I've finally come up with several resolutions that I am determined to follow through 2009. After much thought and soul searching here's my list:-

* Not to buy anything that I don't need

* Not to replace anything that doesn't need replacing (there goes the new curtains!)

* Decide on a career pathway and make a 5 year plan (I've always just bimbled into jobs and promotions and have no idea where I want to be next week, never mind next year!)

* (After devising a career plan) Look for a job closer to home.

* Save at least 1/6 of my monthly wages (there goes the new curtains!)

* Continue with my free therapy (blogging)

So, I suppose there is nothing earth shattering in my resolution list, but to be honest most of my life is great - I guess I should add to my list:-

* Be thankful everyday for Mr M, the children, my family and our friends.

Who's reading?