Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Bloody typical!

Last year we booked our summer holiday to France (3 days in Disney & 9 Days in Normandy) - after checking the dates with Cruella to make sure they didn't clash. She informed us it would be fine as they had not made any plans.
We reminded Cruella & Randall of the dates in December and February - again they informed us that they had no plans.

Well, on Sunday Randall informed Mr M that they had booked their summer holiday, camping in Cornwall, for the last week in August.


Sunday night Mr M was sat trying to rearrange our holiday, work around things in some way.

I've out my foot down - the boys will be told that they can either go on holiday with us or with Cruella & Co. We will explain that ours has been booked since last August, that Cruella knew these dates. If they select to come on holiday with us then all well and good. If the select to go with Cruella and Co, then Mr M & I will have a great time with the girls.

I will not change our plans yet again as a result of Cruella's selfish behaviour. We are not letting the boys down, by booking the same weeks as us I think it is Cruella that is letting them down.

The more cynical side of me thinks that there is a flip side to this - who wants to bet that if the boys select to go on holiday with us - Cruella will change her plans at the last minute. The 7 days camping trip will be replaced with a 'last minute' package deal for 4 to some 5 star hotel in Turkey?


Stacie said...

I despise just the sound of this woman. I cannot even imagine how you do it -- put up with all the crap and whatnot.

Sounds like things will work out either way since you have the girls to still take, but still.

Just Me :) said...

You said it. Typical. Just Typical.

Mimi said...

Man, that is exactly what we go through with my hubby's ex. It is crazy!!! You are making a good decision by putting your foot down. I am sure the boys will pick you guys. Good luck!


Minnie said...

That's disgusting. Though I think you're right. The boys will opt to travel with you and Mr. M and Cruella will enjoy her own vacation without guilt.

Crys said...

Seriously, what a crock of poop! Good for you for putting your foot down on that rubbish! Can I go with you? :)

dearjenn said...

The thing is- you know her too well. You knew this would happen- and that doesn't make it any easier.

But seriously, I am so jealous that your vacation is a trip to France! When we vacation we go to the lake. Or California. Nowhere near as exotic as your holidays!

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