Thursday, 28 May 2009

One of those days!

I'm sure you've all had them, days where you wish you could just crawl back into bed and pull the duvet up over your head.

Today I had one of those days.

Today I swore a lot and ate lots of chocolate - neither made me feel better!

It all started when Lola decided to get up at 3am, she was wide awake and expected me to be too - why is it never Mr M that she shouts for?

Lola eventually went back to sleep at 5.30am, which meant I crawled back into bed and completely missed the alarm. I woke up at 6.30am.

This left me with 15 whole minutes to shower, dry my hair and get the girls up, washed and dressed before we had to leave for nursery. We managed it - just. I forfeited the grils' wash for a baby wipe - call me a bad mother, I am!

I'd just dropped the girls off at nursery - after an hour drive - when the loudest thud left me in no doubt that the suspension spring on the car had just sprung!

£120 lighter for the replacement spring, I get a call from nursery to pick Dora up. Her eye had swollen up and was all gunky. Policy is you have to remove the child from nursery until the symptoms have cleared.

I get home and realise I missed the delivery of my new *blackberry and now can'thave it delivered until next week!

To top it all off - Lola is refusing to go to bed and I'm clean out of decent wine (i'm contemplating raiding the vinegar jar!!)

So - I've had one of those days - how was your day?


2momswithaplan said...

Oh my! When it rains, it pours! I hope today is a better day!

Minnie said...

Oh gosh, that's miserable.

Here's to a better tomorrow.

And be sure to stop and the liquor store.

Crys said...

You definitely need to grab some back up boxes of wine! I hope that tomorrow is better for everyone!

Anonymous said...

I’ve really come to dread days like that. hope today is better.

dearjenn said...

Hey I know how those days go! I've even been known to resort to drinking even the nastiest of beer when I can't find a good drink.

Bummer about the bberry- that would have been the one thing that would have redeemed a rotten day.

Hope things get better!

AngryDad said...

If you're really desparate, rubbing alcohol can do the trick. I only know this because my great grandpa was an alcoholic...come to think of it, i think he died because he drank a whole bottle of it...i probablly shouldn't have drank all that rubbing alcohol then. oh well. if i don't post in a few days, someone check on me. ;)

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