Thursday, 27 August 2009

Busmans holiday?

Forgive me for this self indulgent whinge.

Trix, hon you will know exactly where I am coming from!

I love the kids and Mr m. I love being in France. But please, for just one day- can it not be me who has to do just about everything for everybody?

Holidays are great, but flaming hard work with 4 kids and a husband who acts like an ostritch when things get tough.

Whinge over!

On a more positive note.... A few ice pops prevented dora having to visit the medical centre, but our trip to oustreime today did incur yet another grazed knee for the little one. I really think that girl needs to forget how to run and walk once in a while!
Lola went on a beech pony trek and loved every minute of it. The boys went carting and I think they'd give Lewis Hamilton a run for his money- insert sarcasm here!

Boys have gone swimming, mr m has taken the girls to the park and I'm burning dinner- he will take us out tomorrow night!

Will post again soon, love Mrs m x

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