Thursday, 27 August 2009


So I had visions of blogging about all of the amazing places we have visited so far, and I guess I will- in reference to the injuries sustained by dora!

Monday we had a super crossing Dover to dunkerque - with only a slight graze sustained to dora's left knee. We drove down the coast of the north west of France -pas de calais- and our sat nav, Dave, did is proud!
We stopped on the Somme for lunch and dora sustained a cut to her left elbow. Back in the car and my relationship with Dave soon began to get a little rough around the edges- a detour through the 5th tiny village was the breaking point as it took us 30k out of our way!
We eventually arrived in Normandy and spotted pegasus bridge on our way in. We dumped our luggage and took a walk to sword beech - one of the most famous d day landing beeches from ww2.
Tuesday saw us take a trip to the hyper market, lola was fair taken with the crabs and lobsters in the tank- mr m refused to tell her they were there for people to buy to eat!
We spent the rest of the day by the swimming pool, lola is so confident in the water and Charlie and woody are both like fish. Dora really enjoyed playing with her watering can, until she tripped over it and grazed the top of her left foot!
Wednesday we drove to Arromanches and had an amazing day on the beech. Only Charlie didn't go in the sea- must be a teenage boy thing! We saw the floating pontoons that are still there from the d day landings and the girls had a ride on a beautiful carousel. Following which dora fell and skint her right knee, bless her it wouldn't stop bleeding! We ended the day with a dunk in the swimming pool and a beer at the bar!
This morning started off well, the kids were on the bouncy castles and trampolines whilst Mr m bought us fresh pain au chocolates for breakfast. Charlie and woody took the girls to recycle our plastic and on the way back dora fell and put her teeth through her bottom lip! We are just contemplating taking her to the medical centre as it looks like she might need a stitch or two!

Will post some more soon, hopefully with no more injuries!

Love Mrs m x


Crys said...

Poor Dora! She sounds like she's got my current luck with injuries. I hope she manages to finish out the trip with no further injuries!

Minnie said...

Bless her heart, (and your's.)

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