Tuesday, 13 April 2010

You can write your name in it

Lola is discovering the wonder of words. She's loving that she can write her name, copy words and even write words that we spell out to her (obviously these talents are from me!).

So, picture a four year old, walking around with a filofax (Mr M's old one that he never used) taking 'notes' at every opportunity. She's way too cute and very smart!

Smart to the point that she's worked out that you don't need a pencil and paper to write.........

.......as I was doing the house work the other morning she begged me not to 'duster' the television.
'Because the dust is good for writing your name Mummy'!

I really must clean up more. Or employ a housekeeper. Or buy more paper!

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Minnie said...

LOL. Too cute. Send her to my house, she can write a novel on the surfaces.

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