Friday, 26 September 2008

Way back when.... Part 2

So where did I get to?
During our 1st night together - no we didn't notice the house was freezing, filthy or totally empty - I realised that I actually quite (really) liked Him and perhaps this was a twist of fate that could turn out OK. Little did I know that not everyone was listening to the sweetest music playing, or seeing the most amazing fireworks.... sorry I'm in that movie again!!
In the cold light of morning The enormity of what He had done really hit home. He had left his wife (really grudge using that term on such a cold hearted, selfish and spiteful bitch of a woman) and two very young children for me. So no pressure then? We talked most of the day and it was clear that he had made his decision and regardless of my reaction, he was not going to return to life as he had known it. Me, I thought 'Why the hell not give it a go?' - I mean he is sexy as hell and I was available so what did I have to loose? (I later discovered this would include my sanity, savings and job).
our 1st few days together were spent shopping to buy essentials for 'our' new home. I'd been living with my parents for 6 months so I also had to break it to them that I was/had moved out - I felt like a teenager again! For a few days I didn't even think about Cruella or the two boys (although I don't think they were ever far from His thoughts). She wouldn't answer His calls and he didn't get to see the boys. He was sure it would just be for a few days, until she calmed down...... little did we know!

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