Saturday, 27 September 2008

Way back when....Part 3

If you've just stumbled upon my blog then you may want to check out this and this first.
Ok, all up to speed? Then I'll begin where I left off.
So we have moved into a derelict house, in the middle of winter with no heating, electrical appliances or furniture. We did have a toilet and (cold) running water so not much to complain about. We spent the first days and weeks just trying to get to know each other. We enjoyed romantic meals out (we had no choice as we had no cooker or fridge/freezer), I inducted him into the world of shopping - he needed clothes and essentials and he introduced me to.... (nudge, wink). We'd been work friends for a while, but had only shared one drunken kiss prior to living together - bizarre I know! Amazingly within those first few days I knew I had found my soul mate.
He was in contact with Cruella, who has quickly gotten over the shock that he had had enough of her games & upped and left her. Within 2 days of him leaving she had cleared out their home and the coal shed (beggars belief), sold or destroyed ALL of his belongings (hence the shopping trips) and had moved in with her parents.
He didn't get to see his boys for almost 3 weeks, and when Cruella finally did agree to let him see them it was a shock for us all. She met Him in the supermarket car park, handed over two very confused little boys (who were now 4 and 2) and a letter listing her demands:-
  • He was to see the boys twice a week at her convenience
  • He was to continue to pay the rent (£270 pcm) on the house for a further 3 months until the end of the lease
  • He was to continue to pay the finance for his car (£220)- which she had and was keeping
  • He was to pay all of their joint debt (Lord knows how much every month but the total was well over £37,000)
  • He was to pay her £400 every month
  • If he failed to agree to any of the above he would not get to see his boys.

So what did we do? We put the boys first and worked our buts off to meet her demands. We got to spend two days a week with the boys and I was introduced to the joys of being a mum. You can't put a price on that!

We continued to live in a derelict house, in the middle of winter, with no furniture or heating - but who cared?

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