Friday, 17 April 2009

I'm the only one laughing!!

I had my interview today - what a total and utter joke!

After spending the last couple of weeks preparing myself, doing lots of research into the post, the organisation etc. I am bemused to say that from start to finish the interview was a farce!

Firstly I had to give a ten minute presentation (as it was a clinical trainers post) the topic was not disclosed until the interview - but I expected it to be around learning styles, barriers to training, national directives etc.
No - I shit you not ladies. For a middle management post within the dear old NHS I had to give a presentation on making a cup of tea! WTF???

So being me, I ditched learning theory and presentation styles. I avoided backward and forward chaining and I presented my own little version of making a cup of tea;-

1) Hob v electric kettle (electric kettles cut out just before boiling point so a hob kettle wins for me every time)
2) Tea pot or not? Depends on how many cups and how close to pay day - two bags in a pot will easily make 4 cups. However I prefer the cup method
3) square, round or pyramid tea bags? Biggest Dilemma
4)Mug or cup? China mug for me, a cups not enough and the china mug keeps the tea hot!
5) Milk in before or after? Got to be after!
6) How long to leave it brewing? Long enough to raid the biscuit tin!
7) Sugar or not? No way!

I don't think they appreciated my sense of humour!

It went down hill from there.
They asked me if I had read the person spec for the job - HELLO?
Of course I flaming had. They then asked if I were writing a person spec for the job what would I put as essential skill - How about exactly the same as you had put seeing as it was you who devised the role?

In total I was asked 6 very bland questions, nothing to do with my skills, my experience, my knowledge base - zip!

The best part - oh yes it gets better - was when I got to ask them questions.
I had 5 prepared and was expecting to ask at least 3-4 of them. However as they failed to answer the first two (the tumble weed was out in full force) I didn't bother asking any more!

I laughed after coming out ( I was in a grand total of 30 minutes and 10 minutes of that was talking about making tea) Phoned Mr M and told him there was no way on earth I would accept the job - but this wouldn't be an issue as there was no way they would offer it to me!!

Needless to say - I didn't get the job!!

The feedback........ I am too focused on professional and organisational aspects and they just want someone to deliver a training programme!!!
On a band 7 - really???

I am so not gutted, yes it was closer to home and more money - but so un stimulating that I would have been bored in the first month I think.

The only unfortunate thing is that I can't even use today as interview experience - I have asked more challenging questions and expected more when interviewing for Band 5 Nurses!!

Back to the job site for me!!


Two Moms With A Plan said...

That sucks! I'm sorry it was such a waste of time! At least it got you out of the house and gave you a good laugh! :)

Aunt Becky said...

Man, I hate interviews so much. I remember going through a rash of them a couple of years ago. I never felt worse about myself.

Mrs M said...

I know - I got to wear my lovely new blouse & even took the time to blow dry & straighten my hair!!

Stacie said...

Well that's a bummer that the interview was a bust. I hope you have better luck in your next search.

Crys said...

well, the good thing about this is that you don't have to work that joke of a job. :)

I've worked on a lot of interviewing boards and have even done a lot of training. My current company however tripped me up one day. I was prepared with my three biggest flows, however I wasn't too prepared for my three biggest strengths!

dearjenn said...

Sounds to me if they were concerned with your tea making capability that they were more interested in a secretary. You are right- you are much better off where you are! But I wish you the best for any future challenges.

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