Sunday, 10 May 2009

Major Clanger!

I actually thought I'd taken every identifiable detail out of my blog and I suppose I had - more or less.

Apart from the small matter of an email address in my profile, with my REAL friggin name in. WTF??

So, Just Me :) - I thank you for taking the time to e mail me and pointing out this almighty clanger! If you want to look me up on feel free Lol!!

Oh, and I have been quiet for a while. I will fill you in on all the details very soon - I promise!

Mrs M


Anonymous said...

lol! I just had to giggle when I pulled up your email ;) We all slip every once and a while!

Minnie said...


Ah, it makes for a laugh. I noticed that too.

I guess you now know that none of us are of the stalking variety.

Crys said...

Ooops!! he he

dearjenn said...

You know- I have actually given up on trying to remain completely anonymous. For those crazy stalker types they could no doubt find me anyway- and like Minnie said at least you know we aren't that kind of reader!

Who's reading?