Saturday, 23 May 2009

True Cruella Style


It's school holidays this week and Mr M and I actually have some time booked off to spend with the kids. It's also the bank holiday weekend, so there are loads of events on. We had planned to spend time with our family on Saturday, Friends on Sunday, Family on Monday then fun days Tuesday and Wednesday.

The best laid plans........

Last night Charlie sent a message to Mr M:

'Hi dad, got things planned with mum all week and going away. See you on the 31st'


So Mr M rang Cruella and had this conversation with her:

Mr M - Hello, I've just had a message from Charlie saying the boys wont be coming until the 31st. I'm a bit concerned as they are due to arrive on the 23rd and stay until the 27th - we have made plans.
Cruella - 'You always fucking do this'
Mr M - Do what? I'm just stating what Charlie has said in his message and I would like to know whats happening.
Cruella - Randall works in construction and only gets this week off. We've had things planned for ages.
Mr M - I understand that, but you could have told us sooner as we too have made plans
Cruella - I did fucking tell you - you just don't listen.

With that she slams the phone down and quite clearly the conversation is over!

Did I tell you how much I hate this person?
She did not tell us they were going away this week and Mr M certainly does not 'always' ring her up to challenge her plans and she has a mouth like a sewer!

So, it looks like Mr M & I are going to have lots of time to spend with Lola and Dora this week - Every cloud has a silver lining I suppose.


Stacie said...

Yikes, she sounds lovely *sarcasm implied*. Was she that nasty when Mr. M was married to her!

I hope your week wasn't completely ruined, but like you said, you have the babies to spend time with still.

Minnie said...

I'm actually a bit relieved to hear that BS's ex isn't the only one who went to the truck-driving-durnk-sailor school of English.

Enjoy the time that you get with the kids and Mr. M.

Have a cocktail.

I'll echo Staci's question, was she like that when Mr. M was married to him?

2momswithaplan said...

Ow! What a lady she is!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend anyways! ;)

P.S. Your invite has been sent. Please let me know if the other blog is too much for you and I will remove your name from the list. It's a bit risque and leans on the heavy side at times. ;)

Just Me :) said...

But oh don't you know the world revolves around doesn't matter that they made plans on your time...of course you're supposed to bend over and give it to them.

"Fair" is one four letter word they don't know.

Mrs M said...

Ladies - she was as vile when Mr M married her as she is now, but then she was 5'8", very slim and very blonde. She's still 5'8"!!!!

Crys said...

Icky ... she sounds so *pleasant* to talk to. I wonder if she broke her phone ... I can imagine her spiking it into the cement in anger.

Smirking Cat said...

I am stepping into this without a lot of history, but don't you have your time with the kids in writing in some sort of agreement?

She sounds like trash. Very familiar, actually.

AngryDad said...

sounds just like my ex. anytime we plan something fun, she has to combat it with something even bigger and better and take away from my time with my daughter.

i'm getting ready to start up my custody case and i know that my ex is crazy. i just hope that everyone involved in the process will realize she's crazy too. She's not just regular crazy. she's mad badger crazy.

Mrs M said...

Smirking Cat - We have a shared care 50-50 agreement. It usually works and in the past we have always been felxible with each other regarding school holidays - and we have always communicated in advance! I'm sure this is just her way of trying to assert some control after Mr M announced his deployment to Afghanistan. She's the Mother - don't we all know it!!

Mrs M said...

Angry dad - I love your blog and hope some of the ladies here will pop over for a look.
I've found that the best way to deal with courts etc is to be 100% honest and fair - like just me;)points out, fair is a word not many ex's are familiar with, but a judge will commend you for being fair in the face of adversity and a raving mad ex!

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