Monday, 8 December 2008

Pistols at Dawn!

You've crossed the line yet again - will you ever take your head out of your backside and live in the real world?
Not only did you fail to tell us about Charlie's 1st football match today - my mistake you sent a lovely picture of him to Mr M 30 minutes after kick off, not giving us enough time to get there.
Yesterday was Charlie's birthday (happy birthday honey) and knowing that we would be patiently waiting to see him today when he was supposed to arrive at 4pm, you sent a text message at 4.05pm saying he wouldn't be here until 5.30pm as Randall was running late and wouldn't be able to drop the boys off until 5.30pm. Like we were going to stand for that?
When Mr M phoned to tell you that Charlie's friends were here waiting for him (we'd invited them for tea) you were most disgruntled that you would have to get out of bed and bring him.
Then to top it all off, you have freaking crossed my signature out of his homework diary again and signed your name next to mine. WTF is that all about? I wouldn't mind so much (ok, I would) but I support him to do his homework every week, I check the homework he has done at yours that you can't be bothered to check and probably wouldn't understand anyway - I then support him to correct it. I sign his book every Wednesday morning and date my signature to indicate I am signing for work completed at our house up to Wednesday.
So where do you get off?
I have tried so hard to have no contact with you, you are blocked from my mobile and I don't do any handovers with you - but today, seeing your fat arse and miserable face (difficult to tell the two apart) I could have ran out of my door and knocked ten bells of crap out of you.
I hate you so much, but even more I hate myself for letting you upset me and getting me in such a state.
I hope the Karma Bus tootles your way soon you pathetic excuse for a mother!!

Mrs M - the one who gives a damn (not that you would know what that means!)


Anonymous said...

OH! you go! I know i at least feel a little better after i scream and yell at Cruella, even though it's only on paper!

Crys said...

Have you ever tried throwing eggs? It's a great tension release :) My friend had an especially rough day once and she bought a big carton and yelled great things as she hurled those suckers into a large garbage can with a wonderful, fresh clean bag in it.

Blueydmuse said...

Pistols at dawn would be too nice. I think some sort of torture would be much more appropriate. :)

Mimi said...

Now that is what I am talking about!!!!! Beat her booty!!


dearjenn said...

It's tough to wait for the karma to get her but believe me, it will. In the mean time we sympathize with you! Happy belated birthday to Charlie- and to Lola while I'm at it- can't believe I missed hers! Three years has gone by way too fast...

Minnie said...

(this is me standing up and cheering for you, while pouring a round for all of us)

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