Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Wet rain?

Walking out of the supermarket - into a spectacular downpour - I overheard a conversation between two elderly chaps & it just tickled me.

Chap 1 - Shall we wait under the porch for a while?
Chap 2 - We could do, but we could be stuck here for a while if this rain continues.
Chap 1 - Perhaps we should just head for the bus stop?
Chap 2 - We could do, but we'd get soaked - it's raining that wet rain!

Laughing to myself I dashed to my car and after unloading my trolley, clambered into the driving seat absolutely soaked to my skin.
I guess he was right - it was the wet rain after all!!


Mimi said...

That is the cutest thing ever!!! The way you say things like "trolley"tickles me... It is so cute!


Mrs M said...

I guess you've never watched Peter Kay? Honestly, we all talk just like him!! I guess you are home & well since you are blogging - goping to check for an up date.

Mrs M said...

Doh - Kami, I forgot about the time difference! Are you just getting ready to go in? Good luck Honey x

Crys said...

That is great!! It reminds me when I first moved to Michigan and discovered snow, in fact, has different types. But wet rain, man. ha ha :)

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