Monday, 1 December 2008

We all need an Em

I think it should be compulsory for us all to have someone like my dear friend Em in our lives.
I could use so many words to describe her and still they wouldn't do her justice. I could share many experiences with you and still you'd only get a snap shot of her inner beauty.
You see Em is one of those ladies that until you get to know her, you just can't quite sum her up. Yes she can be a bit ditsy at times and has the most amazing sense of humour. She will share her own heartache to try o show you a way out of your own. She is compassionate but never patronising. Em also has another side to her character, she can be the most professional and articulate person you'd ever get the pleasure of working with. She's not a quick fix type of person and will never give an easy answer just to cross another task off her list - I never feel short changed!

Em is such a rare find, she is honest (even when it hurts), she is so good at what she does, that rather than make me feel inferior, she inspires me. In every sense Em is a nurturer, she knows just what to say to get you through the hard times and she gives the most amazing advice, support and encouragement.

Em, I just wanted to say that yes you are nice, and kind and sweet and softly spoken - but honey you are so much more and for that I am truly honoured to call you my friend.


Mimi said...

That is so beautiful. How lucky you are to have a friend like that! I have one too! She has been with me for over ten years. I just love her.... Em sounds like a gem.


Minnie said...

What a lovely tribute.

Lee said...

You're so fortunate to have Em in your life- and she is just as fortunate to have you recognize her for what she is.

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