Saturday, 20 December 2008

Home Alone

Today I cried - big, fat tears with uncontrollable sobs!

Mr M & I had a wonderful 5 days with Lola and Dora on our winter break. The girls loved all the wildlife and Lola went on two pony rides - she's a natural. She looked so darn cute and had her picture taken for next years brochure! We came home yesterday on such a high & couldn't wait to see the boys today.

Cruella dropped them off at 1pm and by 1.15pm the tears wouldn't stop.
We'd told her in February that she would have to make arrangements for the boys for this week, yet just a few weeks ago she claimed she didn't know we were going away. Sorry F*ck Face, but I've got the e mail delivery confirmation that clearly states you recieved and opened the email & just to be doubly sure, I handed Randall a copy of all of our booked holidays for 2008. Sorry, but my eyes are not painted on!
So the reason for the tears? Woody (10 years old) had the winter vomiting flu Monday and Tuesday with a spiking temperature of 40 degrees. What did Cruella do....... she went to work 8am till 8pm!
She left him home alone - both freaking days! But wait, don't condemn the evil bitch of an excuse for a mother just yet, please hear her plea.....
'Woody wasn't home alone all day, Randall called at home evry 4-6 hours to give him paracetamol to try to get his tempertaure down'.


Mr M & I feel like crap now, and in some part feel that we should not have left the boys with her on our contact days. But what we fear most is that if she is willing to leave him home alone when he is obviously very poorly, she will not have second thoughts about leaving him home alone at any other time. What beaks my heart most is that neither of the boys can see any harm in what Cruella has done.

So Monday morning will bring a elephone call to social services and our solicitor - we just can't let this one go. Are we totally off the mark here?


Anonymous said...

Nope, on the contrary, right on target! We FLIPPED out when we found out Cruella was leaving Nemo home alone with Dory and his just turned 1 little sister to drive Horace to his car (they were hiding the fact that he was living with them again from her parents)

Mimi said...

You are doing the right thing hon. That is HORRIBLE!! What the hell is worng with her?? Poor baby. He was so sick. She is a poor excuse of a mother. POOR EXCUSE!!


Blueydmuse said...

No, you're not off the mark. I'd react the same way.

Maybe it's good that the boys don't get it, though. They don't need that heartache.

Crys said...

That's horrible ... I hope that he is feeling better now. Sick is no fun at all for anyone.

Lee said...

I hope you made the call. Not only is she neglectful, but she's down right stupid! That's an incredibly high fever! She shouldn't have left him for a second! Keeping him hydrated, making sure it didn't get hight, offering comfort... what a pathetic excuse for a mother!!!

Mrs M said...

You are spot on ladies. He tackled Cruella yesterday morning & minus the expletives, she basically told Mr M that he should mind his own business and that she had done nothing wrong in leaving Woody & would have no problem leaving him again if the need arises!
So telephone calls have been made to the Health Visitor attached to the GP surgery and to the NSPCC.
Mr M is gutted, but is so angry with Cruella. More so he never wants the boys to turn around and say 'Why didn't you do anything Dad?'
I'll keep you updated x

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