Saturday, 29 November 2008

Happy Birthday sweetheart

My little girl, Lola, celebrated her 3rd birthday yesterday. Yikes - I can't believe she is 3!! She was so excited opening her gifts yesterday morning, it's bizarre that she now knows you just 'rip' the paper off (in two seconds flat!!). We bought her some roller skates (the ones where you keep your shoes on and they adjust as your feet grow) and she has already mastered the art of 'skating' - I do find it amazing that she has fantastic balance and co-ordination already (she certainly doesn't get it from me!).
What really touched me was when Charlie (in his lunch break at school) sent a message to Mr M yesterday asking him to wish Lola Happy Birthday. He is so thoughtful.

I thought about sharing a few memories with you, but to be honest I couldn't pick just a few. Then I thought I'd share her birth story with you, but I just can't find the folder where I saved it to! So instead I will just say:

Happy birthday Sweetheart - Mummy loves you more each day.

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Minnie said...

Happy Birthday Lola.

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