Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I'm sticking two fingers up to natural!

I have brown hair - not dark brown, not light brown - just brown.

It's not always been brown, if you were to get one of those paint colour charts from the DIY shop I could probably tick off most colours!
After being quite ill this last summer and taking the plunge on a very short hair style - I decided it was time to see the real me - it's been so long that I actually forgot what my natural colour was!

So from hair cut, to semi permanent colour (to allow any remaining peroxide to grow out - no I wasn't a bottle blond) to wash in wash out, I have finally managed to grow out all the dyed hair and I'm left au natural.

Well actually that's not quite true.

I have more white hair than an albino person (no offense to any albino person intended). Not only are they white hairs (not grey), they are super thick and grow at opposite angles to the rest of my hair! Yes, they do - honest. So I now have some brown (just brown) hair and lots of WHITE wires sticking out at impossible angles - that refuse to be hidden by soft, fine brown (just brown) hairs!

So ladies, I'm sticking two fingers up to natural - I'm 30 freaking 2 and flatly refuse to accept the intruder white hairs. Not now, not ever!!

Oh - i have decided that plucking them out with tweezers probably wasn't the best idea I ever had!!!

Off to make a hair appointment - home colouring is another story for another day!


Mimi said...

Let it all hang out honey!!!! Well, at least for the night, then call the salon!!! LOL Kidding. I bet you are beautiful!!! You need to post pictures!!!


Trixi said...

Get away I've never seen the white ones and i have been close, you look fab, that comes from a 40+ lady who hasn't seen her natural colour since she was 13. Probable not a good judge then x x x x

Mrs M said...

Trust me Trixi - They are there. Like coiled springs, they pop up at random! However, after today they will be banished by the hair dye!

dearjenn said...

I believe they call my natural color "dishwater blonde". Sounds beautiful doesn't it?

It has been so many years since I have had natural color I couldn't even tell you what it is or how many stray grays I have.

Good luck!

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