Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Toxic Friend part 2

Remember this?

Today was the day that I'd arranged to meet Mavis. We were supposed to meet at a neutral location, where the kids could play and we could have a natter. Unfortunately I had to pick Lola and Dora up from Nursery later than planned, so I couldn't make the arranged time.
I contacted Mavis and explained the situation and suggested that I just call into her house for a quick coffee and catch up instead.

Talk about lead balloon - the idea was a complete non-starter.

Mavis made every excuse possible to prevent the girls and I from going to her home and I have no idea why. So as it stands, we didn't meet up and we have made no plans for getting together at a later date. Perhaps my suggestion to invade her home was the final straw - maybe she thought I would have expected her to run around after the girls and I, and cook us all tea?

Funny how things can suddenly change when you move the goal posts I know what tactic to employ if any future contact is made...... 'Of course we'd love to see you Mavis, how about the girls and I come to yours for the day next week?'


dearjenn said...

Well it sounds like the problem has certainly resolved itself!

Maybe she is hiding a dead body in her basement and she knows you would turn her in...

Crys said...

I think sometimes finding the thing that can help keep you apart is the best way to go, and then eventually just let it go. I had a friend that I did this with. Fortunately I moved across country and haven't put any effort into trying to keep up friendly relations. It sucks, but it's a whole lot better than being drained by someone that only drains you.

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