Wednesday, 4 February 2009

A day of kidisms

Lola has been on top form today - perhaps it's all the chocolate she has eaten (see previous post).

Just before bath time she walked into the kitchen (yes - I do live in there!), with her hand held out.

Lola - Will you put some Tomato sauce on my hand please Mummy?

Me - Why?

Lola - Because if you do I can become a sandwich.

Me - ???

Lola - Please Mummy, let me be a sandwich

Me - If I were to do that Lola, What type of sandwich would you be?

Lola (looking at me very strangely) - A Lola Sandwich!?
Stupid me, I anticipated the answer to be cheese or ham!!

Oh, and I didn't put the tomato sauce on her hand, I managed to redirect her with chocolates - Cheers Cruella, you saved my ass twice in one day (see comment on previous post!)

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Crys said...

That's precious :) I would have expected a specific type of sandwich too. ha ha

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