Tuesday, 3 February 2009


We had snow yesterday - the worst snow fall England has seen in about 18 years. We had about 2" !!! But being in England, 2" of snow fall equates to chaos and everything grinding to a halt (it's the same if we have more that a day of rain, or a day of warm sun...)

Yesterday I braved the roads and drove the 26 miles to work, this morning I went out to the car to go home from work and f*ck, I have a flat tyre - not just missing a bit of air, I'm talking pancake freaking flat - with a huge nail stuck in it!

So I managed to pump it up enough to drive it to the local Quick Fit tyre company and like everything else right now....... it's not only one tyre that's had it - it's not two or even three tyres that are past it - it's all bloody four of them!

So whilst I value being safe and legal, I'm sat waiting in the reception area, gutted that I've just been stung for £270!! OUCH!

Looks like it's home colouring for me ;(

Grumpy, skint and cold Mrs M x


Mimi said...

Well sh*t. I hate when that happens. We blew out a tire last month after blowing the same tire months before. Those things are expensive!!! I am so sorry you had to deal with that.

Trixi said...

Bless ya honey, thats rubbish.

dearjenn said...

I feel your pain- when I had the Audi I had one tire get a screw too close to the sidewall and had to replace all four because it was all wheel drive! The tires were only eighteen months old... $600 later... yes, I know your pain.

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