Thursday, 19 February 2009

Forgotten something boys?

Selfish little buggers!

After spending a couple of days in London, doing exactly what the boys wanted to do - and fitting in a bit of shopping ;) - we the had a day out with all 4 kids at the aquarium. Again the boys got to do what they wanted to do and we dropped them off with Cruella at 5pm tonight - yes, we ran the gauntlet and took them back a day late (another story for another day).

So we dropped them off - fed, watered, new clothes, new trainers, new gadgets and souvenirs and guess what?

Not a thank you from either of them - I could have wrung their little necks, the selfish little buggers! We have given up precious time with the girls, to spend quality time with the boys. We have bought them exactly what they wanted and they just took, took, took.

I love my boys, but god do they P me off sometimes!


Two Moms With A Plan said...

I guess boys will be boys! I'm glad you had fun anyways...

P.S. The only reason our tax refund was so big was because we received a big tax credit from the government for buying a house. So we thought it would be only fair to put that money back into our house! Living in the US has its pros in cons. I would love to live where you live... it sounds so lovely!

Crys said...

Depending on who they've just spent time with we find ourselves reminding the boys of they're "please" and "thank yous." I hope you still were able to all enjoy yourselves though!

jennifer said...

just remember that while they have your good influence on them some of the time, they also have cruella's influence a lot of time too. do you think she would ever DREAM of saying "thank you"?? you are doing a great job with them...just love them to pieces, and one day, they will thank you...i promise!!

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