Wednesday, 4 February 2009

We need food!

Lola came to the kitchen this morning, about 40 minutes after breakfast. As she stood there hand in hand with Dora (too cute) this is the conversation that followed:-

Me - Hi girls are you ok?

Lola - No Mummy, we are hungry.

Me - Really? You've only just had breakfast.

Lola - I know, but we are ready for our lunch.

Me - Are you hungry too Dora?

Dora - Nods her head and signs 'To eat'

Me - Oh, Ok. Just let me finish cleaning up then I'll make you something to eat.

Lola - Come on Dora, we might as well go and play, Mummy's going to let us starve!

WTF? She's 3!!


Mimi said...

Oh my goodness!!!! What a cute little child you have there!! Oh man, I am dying laughing over here!!


Trixi said...

You need to look after my goddaughter and her big sis, tell em to come an see uncle g and trixi.

dearjenn said...

I just love the comments that come from a toddler's mouth. Just make sure she never mentions it around child services and you will be fine!

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