Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Cars 4 less = that cost more!

Did I tell you about the fab car I bought earlier this year? Did you see it?.....

No, that's right! I didn't have it long enough!

To cut a long story short I bought a used car in March 2008, it broke the day we bought it and has been with the wonderful (lly crap) garage who sold it to us ever since! After a long battle and a lot of financial outlay, I had my day in court today. Yippee

Actually, it's more like F*ck, F*ck, F*ck. The garage has now ceased trading, they have filed to dissolve the company and the debts die with the company. So, by paying £140 the directors of the company can wipe out their debts and move on. Meanwhile, I'm left with a £4000 hole in my pocket!

I pay my taxes, I live by the law and for what? I've been F*cked over by a dodgy second hand car salesman - and you wonder why I drink so much!

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