Sunday, 12 October 2008

The woman has no scruples!

Catch up with this and then I'll tell you more.

So Cruella thinks (this month) that I should have no part to play in the boys' lives - other than babysit for them now and again. He went away last weekend and wont be home until next weekend, so we were preparing ourselves for battle.
Any other time when he has gone away we have always given the boys the option of coming to stay with me, or spend extra days with their mum. This time we did exactly the same - why should we be any different just because she acts so vile? We asked the boys several weeks ago what they wanted to do & the boys both said they still wanted to come here so we left it there & informed Cruella.
You can imagine the response - over her dead body (if only wishes came true!!)
She kicked up such a stink that we were ready for a scene last weekend when we went to collect the boys... and this is what we were greeted with:

Him: have the boys got everything they need for school?

Cruella: I thought you were away this weekend?

Him: I go tomorrow, have the boys got everything?

Cruella: When do you get back?

Him: I'll be away for two weeks, have the boys got everything?

Cruella: If you're away, what's happening next wekend?

Him: The boys said they still want to come - is there a problem with that?

Cruella: No, I was just making sure they were still going to yours- I'm on nights.

So, here we were preparing to fight her tooth and nail when we had nothing to worry about - the woman has no scruples!!!

Oh and the eldest had left his blazer and the youngest had left his coat - if only she had been more interested in the boys......

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