Sunday, 12 October 2008

Way back when......part 5

Catch up with this .

Here's little naive me, falling madly in love and there's Mr M getting more and more distant from me. I couldn't work out what was going on in his head - the man is as deep as the ocean!
The bombshell hit - 10 weeks after we moved in together, on a Saturday night with the Charlie and Woody tucked up in their new beds, he announced that he was moving out and going to give things with Cruella another try. (Insert me crumpling to the floor as my chest is ripped open and my heart is torn out).

So what did I do? I didn't shout, scream, plead, bad mouth her or him. I didn't try to make him feel bad about all the crap we had been through because of her or all the money I had shelled out for him, the boys and her. No, being me I decided to do the only thing I knew - I stood back and took it. In the 10 weeks we'd been together I'd always told him to go back to Cruella if he thought there was any chance he could save his marriage. I guess we all say things we don't really mean........
I cried as I packed his (my) bags, folding everything with such attention. I packed everything I had bought for him and Charlie and Woody. I packed his military medal collection that Cruella had sold & I had bought back.
He phoned Cruella the next morning and she collected the boys whilst he sorted the last of his packing - for a guy that had came with nothing, he was leaving with lots! With everything packed, I left the house and went to work - asking him to post the keys back through the letter box when he had done.

So that night I returned to an empty house (I've never lived alone so it was quite daunting) with a bottle of wine and I got hammered. The one thing that did me, was that he'd had it all planned - Cruella had turned up to collect the boys and was not surprised - they'd obviously sorted the arrangements out between them. And me?...... I spent the next few days feeling like a mug (a very drunk one at that).

*Bridget Jones* eat your heart out!


dearjenn said...

WOW. Yvonne I had no idea. You clearly are a much stronger woman than I am. I would have packed his stuff in garbage bags and set it on the front porch for him to collect. Hopefully on a rainy day...

cassee01 said...

I didn't expect this at all!

Mrs M said...

Jenn - I know, looking back I don't know how or why I managed to be so reasonable! It's actually quite bizarre to read my own posts, we've come so far that it often seems like a distant memory - like those dreams you have and wake up wondering if it was real or not?

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