Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Weight loss after breastfeeding

I can't believe that I can actually fit into Mr M's jeans - I've not been able to do this since we got married!
Since 9th June 2008 I have dropped in weight from 12st 8lb to 9st 12lb, mostly due to being extremely ill with not one but 3 rare diseases and I stopped breastfeeding Dora in August.
What I can't understand is how other people say breastfeeding makes you loose weight - with both Lola and Dora I lost weight after the birth but once breastfeeding was established I put weight back on! Maybe I just over ate, or more feasibly, I refused to diet whilst breastfeeding.

So whatever the cause, is it wrong for me to be really pleased that I can fit my skinny little arse in to Mr M's jeans? Is it even more wicked that whilst I am shrinking, Cruella is spreading - wide load coming through!! Don't you just love Karma?

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Laura said...

You crack me up. I totally never lost weight while breastfeeding, and since I stopped about 6 weeks ago, it's FINALLY coming off now on it's own! Yay!! But really, I think those who say how great BF is b/c of that are just plain ol psycho crazy.

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