Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Jamie Oliver she is not!

This is the packed lunch that Cruella sent our Woody to school with for his educational trip today. I'm sure you will appreciate the the chocolate spread sandwich, two packets (yes-two) of crisps, two 500ml bottles of sports drink and all of the other zero nutritional content items...... Need I say any more?

You are probably asking why I'm posting this? For years we have had battles with packed lunches - at one point I would buy the bread, fillings, fruit and juice to send to Cruella's with them for the week just to make sure they had something decent! In all honesty, I would have struggled to have eaten half, never mind all, of the above. So is it any wonder that it was still in his lunch bag when he got home tonight?

Jamie Oliver she certainly isn't - neglectful she certainly is!


Mrs. Murphy said...

I'm so sorry you have to deal with that!!! Poor kids. I'm sure they love it because it is sweets, but it sure isn't good for them!! You are quite a step- mom!!! One of the best!!

dearjenn said...

I think she is more interested in being popular with them than being a parent. It won't matter in the long run, as I have aid before, your boys know how much you love them and they will see right through her.

Minnie said...

DearJenn is spot on.

Mrs M said...

Thanks ladies, if I were the spiteful type then perhaps I could assume that this was the type of food she has been eating - given the size of her arse!!

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