Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Why am I crying?

Tonight I cried as I ironed the boys' school uniforms. I cried because for the first time ever they will go to school tomorrow in uniform that is too big, too small, too grey and too worn.

I've reached the point where I can no longer battle with Cruella over school uniforms, neither can I afford to keep buying more to replace the ones that go to her cave and never return. She has told me I do not need to be so involved - she's told me to butt out!

So we have made a decision - we will send the boys to school in whatever Cruella sends with them, regardless!

So tomorrow Charlie will go to school in trousers with an elasticated adjustable waist (he's almost 12 for goodness sake) that are at least 6 inches too long for him. His shirt is grey (should be white) and the collar is so crumpled it looks like a fashion shirt. He has no jumper so I hope it's mild.
The Woody will go to school in trousers which hit somewhere around the rim of his socks and have (almost) holes in both knees. His shirt is grey (should be white too) and has a lovely pink paint stain on the front. He too has no jumper.

My heart is breaking, I can't believe it has come to this. But we both agree that the boys are old enough to either tell Cruella the uniform she is sending is unsuitable or they have to realise it is not us who are letting them down. We've told them that they will go with whatever she sends and if she doesn't send any, then they will go in none uniform and she can explain to school why.

Are we so off the mark, what options do we have? Should we keep hiding their mothers neglect and leave them to think she is so darn wonderful and it is us who always create a fuss over nothing (as she regularly tells them)? Regardless, it doesn't make me feel any better knowing that my boys will leave here in the morning looking a state!


Anonymous said...

i agree with your decision...as hard as it is to send them to school like that. you cant keep filling in where she falls short...esp after the way she treats you. i think the boys are old enough to be able to see the differences between you, and they can come to their own conclusions about who is the better parent...regardless of who gave birth to them.

dearjenn said...

Just a thought- are the boys old enough (or does it matter to them enough) to pack their own uniforms to bring home with them? I would think at this age they would know how to pick out their clothes and by them taking charge maybe it will show Cruella how inadequate her actions are.

My heart breaks too just thinking of the boys going to schoolin what you have described.

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