Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I just can't help myself.

Last night Charlie asked me to look at his Religious Education homework. He'd been given 2 weeks to complete the work and had managed to produce the grand total of 1 typed A4 page!
He had asked his Mum (Cruella) to check and she'd said it was fine, but he wanted to run it by me - 'as I'm good at this kind of thing' (and she's not?!!)

Not wanting to pee on his bonfire, I tell him the work he's done is really good, but I think we should add to it. So tonight we have spent a couple of hours researching the *Star of David* and Charlie has produced a fantastice piece of work, complete with reference pages and it is thermal binded (yes, I know he will be the envy of his class mates!). It is all his work, with just guidance and support from me.

I just can't help myself can I? How on earth can I take a back seat and allow him to hand in a scrappy A4 sheet when I know he is capable of so much more? More importantly, how can Cruella honestly tell him that he has done enough? This is where it is clear that we have completely different standards - and I'm not going to compromise mine!

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Anonymous said...

You're an amazing mum! So glad the boys have you

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