Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Way Back When.....Part 4

Try catching up with this, this and this. Sorted?

We spend the rest of January and the early weeks of February having two great days every week - taking the boys to the seaside, in-door play area, parks etc. The other five days we work like mad on the house and still find the time to go to work 38 hours a week. We accept Cruella's demands and the night before pay day she phones just to remind him she wants £400 in cash the next morning - if he's a good boy he may catch a glimpse of his boys for the 3rd time that week!
All in all, life isn't perfect but I can honestly say we were happily getting to know each other and by the 2nd week in February we had central heating and the house was almost furnished (not decorated, but furnished was good). Would you believe it if I told you Cruella moved the goalposts again - I know shocker!!
On the Friday of the second week in February He drove to the supermarket car park to collect the boys for the day as planned. However after he had the boys in their car seats (which we'd had to buy as Cruella refused to loan the ones from his car that she was using) she informed him that she would collect them on Sunday evening - WTF??? With this she got back in the car and drove away (into the sunset never to been seen again - sorry wishful thinking there), leaving Him with two little boys and nothing more than the clothes they had on!
Luckily it was early Friday morning, so we were able to find a shop that would deliver two beds and bedding that day and I had money to go and buy clothes, PJ's, toys and everything else two little boys would need for a whole weekend.

We had a great weekend, the boys loved being with their Daddy and I'm sure I wasn't too much of a chore for them. It broke His heart to have to take them back to her on the Sunday, but his spirits were lifted when she informed him this would be a regular arrangement - every other weekend and two days per week. Had she had a change of heart? Did she now see that her marriage had been over long before He had left? Was she showing that she could be reasonable and civil for the sake of the children and putting them first?

No - she had a new boyfriend and wanted some free time!

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