Thursday, 16 October 2008

Old and Fat?

Today I got lots of compliments on my new hair cut - people were so surprised I'd taken the plunge.

In with all the compliments came the realisation that I must have looked a right state before my hair cut for example:-

Viv: Wow you look fantastic Boss, it takes years off you!

Me: So I used to look old then?

Viv: No, I didn't mean that (keep digging), It's just that you look years younger and the cut makes you look so much slimmer.

Me: So not only did I look old, I also looked fat too?

Viv: (digging a huge hole) No that's not what I mean. Oh, bloody hell I should quit now!

How could I be angry with her for telling the truth?
Goodbye to the old. fat frump and hello to the new chic me!!

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