Monday, 27 October 2008

Way back when....part 6

Catch up with this, this, this, this and this. Still with me?

Sunday afternoon blurred into Monday morning - which blurred into Tuesday afternoon! I couldn't believe how much my heart ached, I'd lived with Mr M for 10 weeks yet I was mourning him like I had known him forever. I can't begin to describe the torture I put myself through trying to analyse why he had done what he had done to me. Most of all I couldn't believe that I had not only watched my soul mate walk out of my life, I had also lost Charlie and Woody, whom I had grown to love dearly.
Going into work on the Tuesday I saw Mr M - bold as brass and looking like shit - at least I wasn't the only one! As he walked towards me I didn't dare hope that he would talk to me, I didn't think I could cope with him walking past me , yet how could I face him? I'd just made a huge fool of myself and here I was willing to do it all over again (if he'd give me the chance!).
I know this is slow, but hang in there - the good part is next.......

So picture me stood frozen to the spot (wishing I'd washed my hair and put some make-up on) and there's him, looking thin and gaunt. He was so lovely when he walked up to me and asked my permission to talk to me - like I would have refused? My heart was racing yet my mind was telling me to walk away - I couldn't be hurt again.
We took a walk and Mr M let it all out, how Cruella had turned up at their old house when he was clearing it up to hand back the keys. How she had told him that the Charlie and Woody cried for Daddy every night, how she missed him and only now realised just how much she loved him, how they planned his return to her!
He told me how he had waited for her to collect him from our home, how they had packed his bags into the car and posted the keys through the letter box, how he knew at that point he was making the biggest mistake of his life! Let me repeat that just in case you missed it first time....How he knew he was making the biggest mistake of his life!
He told me how he had got into the car with her and asked her to take him and his bags to his brothers house, he told me that he knew then that it was me he wanted to be with, he told me that Cruella was not impressed when he told her!

So Mr M had taken all of his things and stayed with his brother. Cruella was kicked into touch for the final time and here he was asking for a second chance.

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