Monday, 9 March 2009

Belly cast

For those ladies who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant (with you all the way Kami, Becky & Holly).
I decided that I wanted something to keep, something to remind me just how special my pregnancy with Lola was. I'm not particularly photogenic - usually look like I'm entering a gurning competition, need dental work or resuscitation! So having a photo gallery was out of the question! I decided to have a belly cast made, but freaked when I say the charges - many were upwards of £300. So being the thrifty Scotswoman I am, I decided to make my own. Here's the pictures:-

I decided to go for a bronzed finish, but I've seen some lovely casts painted with flowers, left white etc. If you are planning on doing one I would offer the following advice:-
Do not google plaster casting - think p*rn with plastered limbs.
Remember to lather yourself with Vaseline - the cast is not too easy to get off without it!
Don't leave it until you are 38 weeks and then try to do it yourself - try being a contortionist with a water melon or two strapped to your abdomen!
Don't even think about answering the door bell mid cast - not easy to explain why you are standing funny, have white stuff dripping down you legs and are holding your dressing gown 3 feet away from your body. The post lady still looks at me funny!


Mimi said...

That is absolutely beautiful!!! I want to do that so bad if it happens for me! Thank you for sharing!

Crys said...

That is absolutely lovey! And hey, if you can do it yourself go for it! He he.

Two Moms With A Plan said...

Wow! That is absolutely beautiful!! We want to do pregnancy photos when Holly is pregnant but this gives us another idea. Beautiful. All of your advice is taken... especially opening the door while the cast is still drying... LMAO!

Mrs M said...

I didn't add that its a good idea to tell your other half what you have planned. Mr M walked up the stairs, saw the home birth sheets over the btahroom floor and presumed I'd gone into labour - his face was a picture!

Smirking Cat said...

Oh, how cool! I'd paint mine leopard print to match the living room :)

Mrs M said...

Smirking Cat - that would be purrrfect (cheesy I know!!)

cassee01 said...

wow! that is so cool! did you bronze it yourself? how in the world did you do that by yourself???

Mrs M said...

cassee - yup, I did it all myself, hense the wonky boobs from trying to stretch round my bump to smooth out the plaster! Once set I sanded & smoothed it out, gave it umpteen coats of PVA glue to harden it, then painted it with gold paint. Once dry I used green, black and gold oil paint and literally smeared the colours at random with a rag. I had no idea what I was doing, but luckily it turned out OK. 3 years down the line it's still lovely x

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