Saturday, 21 March 2009

Long story short.....

We've always bought Cruella a Mothers day card and gift with the boys, until Randall complained that we didn't spend enough on her gift last year. So this year we've left it up to him to do.

Also in the past when Mothers Day has fallen on 'our' Sunday, we've always given Cruella the option of keeping the boys until after Lunch on Sunday (instead of us picking them up on the Saturday).This year I asked the boys what they wanted to do & they said they wanted to come here on the Saturday as normal!
So today I picked them up at 1pm and when I asked what they had been doing they said 'We had to go and get some flowers and a card for mum from the Spar shop'. (Classy!!)

We no sooner get home than Charlie gets a txt message from Cruella. Now all the kids were out the back when the message came through and when I saw the 'Text message from mum' I just couldn't resist.
My hands were taken over by this urge to read the message, I had no control over them - honest!
So Cruella was texting to say 'Thankyou for the lovely and unusual flowers, they must have been so expensive - arent I lucky to have two wonderful boys who love me, their mum, so much'

Expensive and unusual - from the Spar shop, really?
Boys who love you so very much? hhmmm, that's why they wanted to come here and not spend mothers day with you then?

So after vomiting and then laughing so much I nearly pee'd myself, I had no option but to delete the message.
Now, I know I shouldn't have read the message and I know I shouldn't have deleted it - but do I feel bad?
Not freaking likely!


Minnie said...

LOL! "Me. Your Mum."

What, she has to TELL them she's their Mom because she doesn't act like it.

Mrs M said...

I know Minnie, she's a class act!

Mimi said...

Oh how funny..... that does say a lot about her. Her own children don't want to be with her on Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day by the way!!! I found that out by all the media hype surrounding Jade Goody. That story makes me so sad....I followed her to the end... Poor little guys, lost their mom too early.


dearjenn said...

I'm sorry I am so behind in reading blogs- Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Who's reading?