Friday, 13 March 2009

what in the world possessed her?

My mum and her friend - both well ino their 50's and both more than a few stone over weight have decided to embark on a healthy eating and exercise drive. So as Mum has two replacement knees, two rotator cuff shoulder repairs, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia (sp?) and arthritis - her excercise options are somewhat limited.
Yesterday morning they decided to go here:

But when they got there they saw this:

So in a moment of madness hired a pair of these:

Mum went like this:

Ended up in one of these:

And now has one of these:


Anonymous said...

Oh No! Hope she's doing okay.

Minnie said...

Oh my GOSH! Are you kidding?

I hope she'll be okay, and whish her a speedy recovery. (That being said, is it okay if I giggle because I have a mental image in my head right now...)

Mimi said...

Holy moly mum!!!! What was she thinking?? That is too cool that she is adventurous but this may have been a little too much! LOL The way you described it was too cute though!


Two Moms With A Plan said...

Oh gosh! That's horrible! I hope she feels better soon.

Crys said...

Ouch! I hope mum is recovering well! That's no fun. I hope she got some fun out of those skates though before she fell. I stay off of skates after a 9-year-old girl tried to run me over the last time I was on them.

Mrs M said...

Laugh away ladies - I find it hilarious. My Dad is furious as they are due to fly to the carribean in 4 weeks! Oh and Mum refused to let him book horse riding for them as she said ' How do you expect me to do dangerous sports with my knees?' But figure skatings ok????

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