Friday, 6 March 2009

Would the real Mrs M please stand up? part 5

I doesn't seem right leaving that last post without some sort of explaination.

I am not a victim in this in any way, shape or form so forgive me it it seems I am claiming to be. All of my life I have made my own choices, granted they have not always been the right ones, but I've lived by the choices that I've made. Whilst not a victim per say, I was young, naive, conceited and utterly, utterly deluded.

7 days before getting married I made the choice to carry on, to tell no-one, to act like it had never happened. Funnily enough, Mr M made the very same choice. IOt was never mentioned between us - ever. One horrendous incident was not going to spoil everything. We all do things we later live to regret and I honestly believed that the events of that night would never be repeated.

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Mimi said...

I sure hope they didn't. That man needs a beating himself. No man should ever lay a hand on a woman. Ever!

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