Monday, 23 March 2009

I came clean...

well, almost!

I felt really bad yesterday about what I'd done and turned it on myself - how would I feel if she were to do that to me (she probably has, soo many times!!). But being the better woman that I am I decided to come clean.

I told Charlie that his mum had text, but that as I'd picked the phone up to take it out to him, I'd somehow managed to delete the message - ok, don't be too hard on me, that's almost what happened!

I suggested he text her and explain that the message had been deleted before he'd had chance tp read it and ask her to re-send it. She did and this was his reply:-

'Mum - you said thankyou yesterday for your card and flowers, why did you have to send this text when we are at Dad's and Mrs M's?' Needless to say he has heard nothing from her since.

He then turned to me, read out the text she'd sent (which I'd obviously not read the previous day) and stated 'I think that was for your benefit Mrs M!'

I love that boy to bits - he is so switched on to Cruella's little games!

I also got a lovely card from the boys and some chocolates. Woody was so pleased with himself as he'd made me a card at school announcing 'I had to work twice a quick as everyone else Mrs M, I had two cards to make!'

That's my boys!


Crys said...

That's really sweet of him. He made me smile too, but I bet not as big as yours.

Mimi said...

What a great post. See, the children find out eventually that their mom or dad is corrupt. I'm pretty sure my girls are strating to see that in their mom. The fact that they told me they would rather be at our house and visit their mom says it all!

Too cute!


Smirking Cat said...

At first I laughed, then I felt sad that he has to deal with such a manipulative mother and decipher her words into what she was really after. That's sad.

Minnie said...

I knew it. I knew that you'd tell on yourself.

Trixi said...

Don't they always come good. Despite the little blips. XXXXXXX

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