Saturday, 24 January 2009


Remember this?

I had a lovely day on Thursday just moseying around the shops with Dora (Lola was in nursery). We were just browsing and had no intention of buying anything - honest!
Well until I stumbled upon the sale rail in 'Bench'. Still determined not to buy anything, I innocently searched (like the seasoned bargain hunter I am) the rail end to end. Before I knew it I had a hand full of coat hangers and was making my way to the check out. OK - I caved!

But,in my defence.... I only bought items that I genuinely needed and they were bargains. In total I bought the following:-

  • 2 designer dresses
  • 1 pair of designer jeans
  • 1 designer knitted jumper
  • 1 designer cardigan

........all for the grand price of £20.00. Yes, that's not a typo, I paid £20.00!

So although I have only loosely convinced myself that I have not broken my resolution, to be honest I really don't give a monkeys - some bargains are too good to miss.


Crys said...

I agree! Good job bargain hunting!

Anonymous said...

rules/resolutions....all made to be broken ;) it's only a natural instinct you were trying to fight...we're born to sniff out a good bargain!

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