Thursday, 22 January 2009

Little Miss Independent

Did I ever tell you that Lola is 3, going on 33?

For what you are about to read I apologise now - I am a terrible mother!
Monday evening my best friend Trixie called and literally minutes into the conversation Dora had a poo. Being the expert - at multi tasking - that I am, I decided I could shoulder the phone & have Dora cleaned up in no time - Yes, right!
Mid change Lola asked for some toast - food was the furthest thing from my mind, but she's 3 so.... Whilst shouldering the phone, mid conversation with Trixi, mid wipe with Dora - I explained I would make her some toast, just as soon as I was finished.

The changing took longer than expected (sometimes it just does!) and engrossed in conversation with Trixie I just presumed that Lola has gone into the play room to amuse herself. Lesson learnt - never presume with a 3 year old.
So, change completed, conversation with Trixie over, I walked into the kitchen and almost had kittens - The scene:-

Chair dragged up to the work counter.
Lola stood on said chair.
Chopping board, child's knife and butter in front of her.
One slice of brown bread happily toasting away in the toaster.

I scream and Lola responds with 'its' ok Mum, I've got it all under control'!
Lesson learnt - Children watch and take in everything you do - even when you think they don't.

The toast pops up, Lola butters it and happily stands there eating her creation - very pleased with herself.

Since this very eye opening event things have changed a little round here - the toaster now lives in a very high cupboard. the microwave, kettle and coffee machine are left unplugged when not in use. Child safety caps have been placed on all sockets (even the ones I thought were out of reach). Lola and I have had a very long chat about her culinary talents and I think she understands that at 3 years old she mustn't try anything like this again.

I know that this should not have happened in the first place - no excuses - but in reality I can't watch her every second. I do have to change Dora but lesson learnt - multi tasking isn't always so clever!

Shoot me now!


Anonymous said...

Ha! I can only laugh because we've had very similar experiences at our house. Freaks you out doesn't it!?!?

Mrs M said...

I really wanted to bask in her glory - she was so proud of herself! But yes, it well and truly freaked me!

Smirking Cat said...

"I've got it under control": hilarious! I rushed around our house trying to kid-proof it for my boyfriend's 4 kids. Lesson learned: there is no kid-proofing unless they're in strait-jackets, and even then, they will find a way...

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