Thursday, 22 January 2009

Biker Chick?

Biker Chunk!

Jenn mentions that I use to have a motorbike - yes I did and yes I still do! Let me explain.......

Prior to having Lola I was the proud owner of a shiny red Ducatti 600cc. I loved that bike and can honestly say I was a safe and considerate biker chick. As soon as I fell pregnant with Lola I sold the bike.

Last summer we had loads of hastle with a second hand car we had bought and found ourselves with one car. Mr M still had his Lovely Triumph 900 motorbike, but in all honesty it was far too big for me to ever consider riding.

One of those great plans grew in my mind (you know the type that only really work in my mind and don't stand a hope in hell in reality?). Mr M could sell his beloved Triumph (yes, I am a terrible wife as well as a terrible mother) and we could buy a smaller bike that I could ride if ever I needed to. We have no public transport link from our village so getting to work without a car/bike takes about 4 hours (each way) and has to be planned like a military operation.

Given that I was really very ill in the summer, I was in no fit state to look at motorbikes - never mind ride one. But my delightful Mr M decided to go along with my plan & we were now the proud owners of a Honda CBR 600s - when I say it's fast, I'm talking shit from a shovel fast!

So I'd looked at the bike (it's lovely) but I'd never been on it until several months later when I eventually felt well enough (and had lost so much weight my leathers actually fit). So kitted up, I hauled the bike out of the garage, jumped (squeeked and creaked - have you tried cocking your leg in full leathers that were bought before you'd had 2 kids?) on and pulled away. I managed 10 feet (9 and a bit actually) before I came to a hault and like a spoilt brat demanded Mr M get me off!
The bike was way too powerful and I was petrified! I'm not ashamed to tell you I cried - but I honestly think this was more due to the thought of the 4 hour journey to work the next morning!

2 days later I arrive home from work and find a lovely shiny Red Ducatti 600 parked in the drive - Mr M hated the thought that I was upset at being petrified of the Honda (I still haven't told him this was not the only reason I cried) that he had bought me a bike he knew I had loved and been confident with - I love that man so much!

The very next day, leathers top to toe, I have a lovely journey to work on my new shiny red bike. All was rosy in my world until it was time to go home at 4.30pm- the darn thing wouldn't start! So I'm stuck, miles from home, with a bike that wont start. I call Mr M (what else could I do) and he has to drive through to where I work - with all 4 kids, arrives at 7pm and bump starts the bike (notice it's not the lovely shiny red bike now?).

I ride home and begin to forgive the bike. I pull onto the drive just after 8pm, park up and begin to take my helmet off. At this point Mr M is just rounding the corner.
Next thing I know I am upside down, in the privit hedge, with the darn (not lovely and red) bike on top of me! The side stand had sprung up (no idea why).

That was then and I'm ashamed to say that I've not been on the thing since. Minor blip I'm sure and I keep telling myself that when the weather gets better it will be my lovely shiny red bike once again.


Crys said...

I'm so glad to know that you wear your protective gear! Maybe you and the red bike need to have a heart to heart. You know, wash it good, buff and wax it shiny and lovingly stroke it. And just maybe it will understand that it really ought to behave for you? You could always just put it in time out, right? he he.

dearjenn said...

You know what they say, when you fall off the horse get back up and ride again.

Do it for me sister. I live vicariously through you. I love the thought that you have the spunk to ride a motorcycle to work!

Mrs M said...

Jenn - Cheers for the vote of confidence hon. The only reason riding a motorbike appeals is that I never have time to do my hair or make-up in the morning, so wearing a helmet provides the perfect excuse for doing this once I arrive at work! Come on what do you expect, I've 4 kids and a 1 hour commute!

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