Friday, 2 January 2009


So I've finally come up with several resolutions that I am determined to follow through 2009. After much thought and soul searching here's my list:-

* Not to buy anything that I don't need

* Not to replace anything that doesn't need replacing (there goes the new curtains!)

* Decide on a career pathway and make a 5 year plan (I've always just bimbled into jobs and promotions and have no idea where I want to be next week, never mind next year!)

* (After devising a career plan) Look for a job closer to home.

* Save at least 1/6 of my monthly wages (there goes the new curtains!)

* Continue with my free therapy (blogging)

So, I suppose there is nothing earth shattering in my resolution list, but to be honest most of my life is great - I guess I should add to my list:-

* Be thankful everyday for Mr M, the children, my family and our friends.


Mimi said...

I think that is a wonderful resolution. (minus the curtains) LOL Hey, you didn't put anything about burying Cruella alive!!!! HA HA


Sarah said...

These seem like really great resolutions and you have inspired me to make some of my own - thanks a bunch!

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