Thursday, 29 January 2009

Freaking Fantastic

I can safely say that the last few years at work have been hell. I've been used as a trouble shooter, being sent into areas that had major problems to 'sort' them out. I don't think I've done a bad job on the whole, but I know there are some areas that I could have improved upon (no I'm not perfect!!).
If I said that I didn't get fed up with having a reputation for being a 'sorter' I'd be lying. Just for once I'd quite like to have an easy job, I'd like to get to hide under the radar instead of constantly being in the spotlight.
In my experience I have been given the recoignition for some great work that I've done, but all too often I've been criticised for the little things that I've not done quite so well, or the very rare occassions that I've not been on par.

So this last year I have slogged my guts out, I have been managing an area that has been in complete crisis - to say it was a shit tip is an understatement! I had several months sick leave in the summer and since September have been working reduced hours - so things haven't progressed as smoothly or as quickly as I had hoped and yes, I have been criticised by management for not performing as they had expected. What do they want - blood?

Now, the area I manage is very high profile and had so many issues it seemed like an impossible task had been given to me. Given the issues that have arisen, every man and his dog has had a piece of my area.
Yesterday I had a visit from a member of the management board. She put me through my paces and wanted to know the ins and outs of everything I have done since taking up the post last year. She not only wanted to know, she wanted to see - everything. If I say I was nervous, I'd be lying - I was petrified!
However, at the end of her visit, she turned to my boss and I will quote what she said:-

'Where does someone like Mrs M get her knowledge and skill from?, This remarkable young lady has demonstrated today (and over the last year) that she practices at a level so high I'm sure no University has it on their curicculum!'
She then added:- 'Myself and the board have had our concerns regarding this area and we have been preparing ourselves for the fall out that was expected by all, however after today I can go back to them and tell them that there are no worries, there will be no fall out. For that, young lady, I commend you'.

So there you have it, Officially- I'm Freaking Fantastic!


Two Moms With A Plan said...

That is excellent! They expected you to fall but you didn't! Congrats!

Crys said...

That's awesome Mrs. M! Good Job! You show them!

cassee01 said...

That is AWESOME, gotta love praise. However, I'd also be asking for some reward!!! ; )

Mimi said...

You sure as hell are!!!! I could of told you that! Who else do you need!!! LOL


macocha said...

woot! woot! fantabulous!!

Mrs M said...

Cheers ladies, I'm sure by tomorrow it'll be the same old crap flying around - until then I'm basking in my new found glory!

dearjenn said...

You are absolutely right sister- you are Freakin' Fantastic. Glad they finally recognized it!

Trixi said...

you are absolutly wonderful and yes you do deserve a medal the size of a dustbin lid. Well done mrs m. x x x

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