Friday, 23 January 2009

There are no words

Today my life was put into perspective. A wonderful couple that I know had the most shocking news on Wednesday and I'm not afraid to say that it has well and truly shaken me to the core.

Mr & Mrs W are just a lovely couple, Mrs W has worked for me for quite a few years and Mr W has also done some contracting in the areas that I manage. They have 3 grown up children and were waiting (in)patiently for grandchildren.

Last summer they were given the news that their son and daughter-in-law were expecting their 1st child and literally weeks later their daughter announced her pregnancy too. Now if I say they were overjoyed it would be an understatement - they were ecstatic!

As both pregnancies have progressed they have had more than their fair share of shocking news and scares, they discovered at 20 weeks that their eldest Grandchild (a Girl) has Downs Syndrome. You know what, they never faltered - no questions, no doubts, no anger, she was to be there Grand daughter and would be loved - unconditionally.

Their Grand daughter was due on Wednesday - on Wednesday morning, whilst at work, Mrs W had a telephone call from their son to say that her grand daughter had died. I don't think I have ever seen anyone physically crumple the way that she did during that conversation.

Their daughter in law was induced on Wednesday evening and Ella was born Thursday evening, 6lb 11oz. The doctors have explained that her heart was not able to cope when she had moved down the pelvis. Mr & Mrs W are going to see her tomorrow.

Now as heartbreaking as it has been for them to have 'lost' Ella even before she was there, I can't begin to imagine how their daughter is feeling - her baby is due in a few weeks, imagine the fears she must now have, mixed with the guilt she will feel when her baby arrives safe and sound?
Mr & Mrs W have to somehow pick themselves up and look forward to the arrival of their 2nd grand child - I'm just not sure how they are going to do this.


Anonymous said...

every parent's/grandparent's nightmare...I can't even fathom it

Crys said...

I couldn't fathom that situation either. I'll keep them all in my thoughts to send them strength.

Mimi said...

Oh my goodness. How heartbreaking. I am so sad for them.


macocha said...

Oh that is so awful! I am so sorry. I have a friend that had a stillborn baby, and I believe she put together a pamphlet. Let me know if you would like me to send you one.

Much love to your friend's family!

Mrs M said...

Macocha - Thankyou for your kind offer. I'm not sure how things are going to pan out, I just know that they are all totally devestated.

macocha said...

no problem. let me know if you want me to send one out so I can get in touch with her to get a copy. (it might even be in pdf file format)

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