Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Who is Trixie Lee?

So who is the lady that I've shared my blog with? Why did I feel the need to Blog about her?

Let me tell you a few things that make Trixie a true gem:-
A- Articulate
B- Brill
C- Calming
D- Devoted
F- Funny - so bloody funny
G- Godmother to Dora (thankyou x )
H - High maintenence (She's glamorous, what do you expect? lol)
I- Inspirational
J- Joker
K-Killer heals - even if they are odd!
L- Loyal
N - Naughty (yes you are!)
O - Organised and obsessive
P - Prankster
Q - Questioning
R - Right - all the freaking time!
S - Supportive
T - Truthful
U - Unbelievable
V - Vulnerable
W - Wonderwoman
X - xtraordinary (ok, I cheated - but she is!)
Y - Yummy mummy
Z - Zealous

She's all of the above and so much more. You are a great friend, role model and so much better at hair and make-up than I will ever be - thank goodness the girls have you!


Trixi said...

god mrs m you are a truly amazing inspirational lady. Thanks for been my friend you,ve made me giggle soooooo much. Ta XXXX

Mrs M said...

Laugh, you are not supposed to laugh! Can't you see this is serious stuff I'm blogging about ;)
Glad you've had a nosey x

Mimi said...

You guys are too cute!!! Of course my eyes go right to the naughty one!!! LOL


macocha said...

what a nice post! I might have to steal the idea :)

Mrs M said...

Macocha - You are welcometo steal away!

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