Thursday, 15 January 2009

The season has started - Minnie says so!

Minnie has officially declared open season on BM - so let the BM Bash 2009 begin. Not one to be rude, I feel I must partake in this sport so I'll load it and then I'll fire it!

So where do we begin? After the farce of Christmas (on Cruella's part) and the irresponsibility of New year (letting a 10yr old stay up and text Mr M at 02.40hrs) we had the feeling that 2009 was going to be one of those years!

Sunday 4th January 2009 - Cruella thrusts a tatty envelope at Mr M before storming into her car and pulling off at break neck speed. The contents of the envelope...... £25 and a signed authorisation for Charlie to go on a school residential trip for 3 days in June. What she had failed to tell Mr M was that she expected us to pay the other £25 (the deposit) and that it needed to be paid no later than the morning on the 5th - 12 hours away! If thats not enough she then expects.......wait for it...... us to pay half of the remaining £232 that is due in March. WTF? A three day school trip that costs £282 - oh did I forget to add that this is a camping trip no more than 60 miles from our home? So with no time for discussion and Charlie in tears - Cruella has had this letter since the begining of December and told him he could go - we pay the remaining £25 (obviously I changed the envelope).
What really freaks me off isn't so much the cost (ok, it is! When you consider all six of us are travelling to France for 9 days in August for £580 total!) it's the fact that she didn't even have the decency to pick up the phone and talk to Mr M. She is such a piece of work - she's fat, lazy and darn right rude - Thank goodness the boys take after me!


Anonymous said...

lol..."thank goodness the boys take after me" OMG! About fell out of my chair again!

What is so hard about being an adult and...wait for it...oh here it comes...DISCUSSING things in a rational timely manner? I bet Minnie didn't know she was going to start a worldwide sport! ;)

dearjenn said...

She's a real winner. But honestly I just have to tell you how jealous I am that you are going to France! You get to go to all the best places!

Mimi said...

Don't you just love it when the kids take after us and we are the step parents?? What a wonderful feeling it is!!!


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