Tuesday, 27 January 2009

To you from me Trixie Lee!

I've taken the plunge and shared my Blog address with my dear friend Trixie. I've kept my blogging to myself since I started - my dirty little secret, but today I decided the time had come for me to let those nearest have a peak.

So Trixie - I'm sure you'll find out one or two things about me that you didn't know (no jokes about the Bagpipes ok?), please don't be too critical - you know how sensitive I am! Oh and remember the stage names, protect the innocent at all costs!

Love ya Trix

Mrs M


Trixi said...

thank you for giving me the privilage to see your blogg. its fab amazing wonderful and soooooo funny. your a star

Mrs M said...

Cheers Hon, I'll pay you later!

macocha said...

I only have two close friend that knows about mine. Yet, I just started blogging anonymously though so not too much on mine. I am glad you found the courage to share - it is nice to have at least one person have an insight into this side of you :)

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