Tuesday, 6 January 2009

So freaking angry.

I've been fuming over this since Sunday and only now feel calm enough to blog about it.

The boys had been telling us for months that Cruella was buying a shared Christmas gift for them and Randall's two children - she had told them that they were having Guitar Hero* for the PS3* - The one with the guitar, Drum kit and microphone. That was their main gift as the family had just bought a new 50" Plasma TV for the lounge (they were lucky enough to get a free LCD 19" TV in the bargain).

So Christmas eve comes and the boys were with Cruella, they opened their present and low and behold it's Guitar Hero. They have a few other stocking fillers and are generally happy boys. They were with us Christmas day and Charlie spend most of the morning checking his mobile - he had text Cruella to enquire what gifts Randall's Children had recieved but never got a reply.

So the boys returned on Sunday and I was horrified when they blurted out that although they had been given the Guitar Hero* - it was expected that they share it with the other two. Fine, it's good to share. But tell me how Randall's daughter is going to share HER PSP (£160) and his son share HIS mobile phone (about the same price)?

Is it just me, or are they way out of order on this? I am gutted that the boys have been given something thatis obviously meant for all 4 kids, and yet the other two have very individual gifts.

Oh, hang on - I forgot that they boys were also given the Free LCD TV as a gift between them!


Mimi said...

Ok, I am getting ready to buy a plane ticket, fly over there and beat the snot out of that retchid lady!!!! Not even a lady, a child!!! At least that is how she acts. Seriously!!! I am so sorry you have to go through this!!


Just Me :) said...

hum...i dont' know what to say. i spend painstaking hours ensuring that each of our 4 children have the same number of packages to open. I just can imagine.

cassee01 said...

That is really wrong.

Mrs M said...

Just me, I Get exactly what you are saying. We spent way more on the boys' presents this year than we did on the girls - simply because we got most of the toys for the girls in the sale & there is only so much plastic you can have in one house!
If anything I go opver the top to rty to make sure the boys never feel left out or undervalued - I guess that's the difference between Cruella & I!

Crys said...

That's dumb, have the kids said anything about it to you about how it's not realistically right? I think if anyone got kind of jipped in our family it was Younger Boy, but that's because he's 3 and just not quite ready for a magazine subscription.

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